Private puppy training from your home

Unlike group puppy training classes, GoodPup offers private, virtual sessions with experienced trainers and custom training plans.

Book experienced puppy trainers

Try GoodPup, virtual dog training that really works. It's perfect for everything from potty training and teaching the sit skill to more advanced training and curbing unwanted behaviors too.

  • Enjoy private puppy training classes with GoodPup. It's run by a team of pet behavior experts and pet parents who understand you and your puppy's needs.

  • Great for puppies and their people looking to work on new skills, socialization, and more common (and not so common) training needs.

  • Train in one-on-one video sessions with experienced puppy trainers from wherever your puppy is most comfortable, from your home to the backyard and beyond.

  • Get a custom training plan tailored to your puppy's unique needs and around the clock live chat support.

Getting started with GoodPup

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    Tell GoodPup all about your puppy

    Build the right training plan for your puppy by first filling out a short assessment.
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    Book your first training session

    You can typically get your first video call with an experienced puppy trainer scheduled within 24 hours.
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    Begin training!

    Your first video session, 24/7 live chat, and full access to GoodPup is free for your first 7 days.

See what sets GoodPup apart

  • One-on-one sessions

    Your private puppy trainer can offer more personalized attention and instruction than a group class can.

  • Training in your home

    A familiar environment like your home can offer your puppy fewer distractions and help them feel more comfortable as they learn new life skills.

  • Personalized training plans

    You'll get a custom training plan that is tailored to your puppy's unique needs and helps you meet your training goals.

  • Experienced dog trainers

    Trainers with GoodPup are certified, vetted, and reviewed and have extensive training, dog behavior, and/or veterinary experience.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Set up your training sessions when they work best for your schedule and without the need to drive to a training facility.

Download the GoodPup app

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