Two dogs with a suitcase — travel tips for dog owners

4 Expert Travel Tips for Pet Parents

If you’re headed out on business or traveling somewhere you can’t take your pet, we’ve got you covered with these travel tips for dog owners. Enjoy peace of mind while you’re away! Here’s how:

Dog with his tongue out - Why do dogs lick?

Eww, Gross…Why Do Dogs Lick?

Wagging tails and licking tongues—these are familiar visualizations of our furry friends. But why do our dogs lick, sometimes people, sometimes themselves, and sometimes as if they are never going to stop?


  • They will never find me here! #poodle #roverdog
  • Have a derptastic day! #pug
  • Got it. #chinesecrested #dog
  • Hi, I'm Bing Bing. #poodle #bichon #puppy
  • Rover loves @WranglerToday! We created a special #RoverGram just for him:
  • Mini-Me. #frenchie #puppy #frenchbulldog

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Can “Aggressive” Breeds Be Good Family Dogs?

Say the word “pit bull,” and the reaction from the general public is often, well, generally not so great. Visions of burly, teeth-bearing, straight-up scary dogs come to mind even though pit bulls—and other “aggressive” breeds, for that matter—can be sweet and loving. Still, the bad rap keeps on being propagated. Sure, they can be aggressive, but so can…

7 Dogs Who Think They’re Cats

At some point or another, every dog relates a little more to Garfield than Odie. From having a go at a tightly wound ball of yarn to straight-up meowing, read on for a bevy of catlike canines.

Via Flickr/Greg Westfall

Ah-choo! The 13 Best Dogs for People with Allergies

Did you know some dog breeds produce less dander than others and even shed less? Escape your allergy woes with these 13 low-dander dog breeds that are perfect for allergy sufferers—because even us sneezy folks deserve to have a dog as our best friend.