Pet Sitting in San Francisco

Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet.

Pet parents in San Francisco love booking pet care with sitters on Rover. Booking in-home care for your pets is likely more affordable than you think—even in a city like San Francisco. Curious to learn more about how much it may cost to book a drop-in visit with a sitter on Rover? Check out our average pet sitting rates so you can get an idea before starting a conversation with a sitter near you in the San Francisco area.

Whether you’ll be gone for a day or a week, Rover has your back when it comes to giving your pets the care they need. Drop-in visits offer your pets the chance to stay home, in the environment that they like best. It frees you from burdening family or friends with the obligation to come by and give ‘em some love, and makes it so you never have to stress out your pets by taking them to a noisy kennel. In-home care is perfect for cats—your sitter will come to your home, scoop, feed, and play with your feline to keep those purrs coming, even when you’re away. Drop-in visits aren’t just for cats though, you can book a qualified sitter to watch all kinds of pets, from reptiles and fish to birds and bunnies—whatever kind of pet you have, there’s a sitter on Rover who can’t wait to care for them. You can of course book drop-in visits for your dog, too, especially if they’re the independent type. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing they got a potty break and some playtime while you’re away, without having to lock them in a cage at a kennel. San Francisco is a great city to find a drop-in sitter for your pet because it’s full of animal-friendly locales and and a community of pet sitters on Rover.

San Francisco is a booming city—the second most-densely populated in the U.S, in fact—but it isn’t just full of humans, it’s full of their beloved pets too. We love how pet-friendly this incredibly city by the bay is, and it’s the perfect place not only to own a pet, but to book a trusted sitter through Rover. The city is equally famous for miles of rolling hills as it is for classic cable cars to help visitors and natives alike navigate this fascinating city. San Franciscans enjoy miles of amazing off-leash dog parks and free-roaming beaches to let your canine companion blow off some steam while making new friends. No matter where you live in San Fran, from Parkside to Nob Hill, there’s a sitter listed on Rover right in your neighborhood. That’s because this city is packed full of animal lovers, so you’re bound to find a great match for you and your pet on pretty much every block.

Getting started on Rover is simple: type in your zip code, choose drop-in visits as your service, browse 100s of sitters near you, and begin a conversation with your pet’s perfect match.