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Boston Dog Owners Ranked Most Sociable in the Country

The National Ranking

Five cities rose to the top of our ranking: Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles. Denver tops the list of most active dog owners, Chicago has the most indulgent dog owners, San Francisco pet parents allege to be the most obsessed with their dogs, Boston dog owners are the most sociable around, and in Los Angeles dog owners are all about that eco-friendly mindset. 

Chart of 10 US cities ranked by common pet personality traits


Boston's Most Common Dog Owner Personality Traits

Out of the 5 common personality traits of pet owners, people in Boston ranked #1 as most sociable in the country. Friendliness reigns supreme due to their high likelihood of making conversation with fellow dog owners and befriending dog lovers at dog parks or in their neighborhood.

Despite these dog lovers’ undeniable knack for socializing with other dog owners, their obsession with their pets should not go unnoticed. Boston dog owners ranked as the #3 most obsessed in the country. 80% of dog owners claim they miss their dog as soon as they leave the house.

Other qualities to note:

Boston’s dog owners are most likely to get their dog professionally groomed and least likely to pick up another dog’s poop while out on a walk.

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*A survey conducted by of 5,000 U.S. dog owners via Attest.

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