Why does my dog smell so bad after going outside?

asked 2017-05-07 14:26:06 -0500

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answered 2017-06-06 15:00:17 -0500

What dogs encounter outside can cling to their skin and fur which can cause an unpleasant smell. Also dogs don't sweat like we do. They sweat through there paws and slightly through there hair follicles. You may notice when your dog comes back inside in the summer he probably smells worse than in the winter.

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Their* paws. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ;)

Steve O.'s profile image Steve O.  ( 2018-08-20 16:15:03 -0500 ) edit
answered 2017-05-18 10:17:57 -0500

Although dogs don't sweat in the way we do, they do occasionally sweat lightly from their follicles. Each dog's perspiration has a different scent, even if it just smells BAD to us, and that helps them to mark their territory as well. Another source of a bad smell on your dog could be his anal glands. Originally used to mark territory, the anal glands are located on the inner side of the anus and sometimes they can become filled and even inflamed. If you're noticing a smell that doesn't go away after your dog has been inside for a few minutes, consider having his glands checked. This smell is different from the "wet dog" smell and is rather strong.

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