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Almost all dog owners will tell you that their four-legged companions are more than just a dog, they’re family too! That’s why finding the perfect dog kennel alternative is so important, as many people dread the idea of a kennel but leaving them with a stranger, whether for the day, weekend or a longer period of time can be really stressful. We found out in a survey of pet parents, that 80% of dog owners worry about the care of their dogs when they’re away and 66% are unhappy with their current boarding solution.

We wanted to help combat these worries of traveling and show the 70% of owners who would travel more if they had a trusted dog sitter, how to find the perfect Rover sitter for their pooch. So here are some tips to make finding your perfect dog sitter super easy. Who knows? This person may be your go-to for all future dog sitting!

Steps to Finding the Perfect Dog Sitter

1. Ask yourself what your sitter “criteria” is. Dog owners need sitters who are as reliable and loving as family. It’s important to outline the qualities your ideal dog sitter should have so that they can offer your dog the personal touch your pooch is accustomed to everyday. Make sure to also accurately represent your dog and be specific about his or her needs and behavioral characteristics. Some questions to get you started are:

  • Do you want a dog sitter that stays at your house or watches your pup at their own home?
  • Is breed or size specific experience important (i.e. someone who is good with large dogs vs. small dogs)?
  • Does your dog need a lot of regular exercise and activity throughout the day (i.e. long runs)?
  • Do you want a sitter who is going to be home all day with your dog or can take him to work?
  • Is having a dog sitter who is good at administering medication needed?
  • Does your dog get along well with other dogs?

2. Research sitters in your area. By using your criteria you will be able to narrow your choices. Rover offers a variety of choices beyond just price and location. Our sitters range from professionals who will come to your home, large families with other dogs, or doting elderly folks who will love your pup like their grandchildren. The zip code search allows you to browse through lots of great sitters in your area. Sitter profiles allow you to quickly check out basic information, certifications and client reviews – so finding a sitter is really just a click away!

3. Meet-and-greets. Find a day that works for you and determine where you want to meet your sitter. Maybe this is at your place, at theirs, or is a casual walk at the local park – do whatever you feel is most comfortable and works with your schedule! Meeting in person will give you a good feel on how the sitter will interact with your dog while you’re away. Also, through your Rover profile you can also manage this process very easily by sending messages directly from the site. Side note: We suggest selecting at least three sitters to meet in person, just so you can find the perfect one!

4. Look ahead at your calendar and book your sitter. Take a look through your calendar and map out the dates that you are going to be traveling and can’t take your dog with you. From the meet-and-greet you’ll likely have a favorite sitter and now you’re ready to book. If you’re planning in advance the sitter is probably available. However, remember holidays and summer time are busy travel periods and you should always have a back-up.

We hope these tips help you in finding the perfect dog sitter. Also, if you’re booking last minute and want help Rover’s concierge team is only a phone call away and can help you find a great sitter who is available in your area.


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