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Pet Parents Are Planning Summer Travels Around Their Dogs

If staying home due to the pandemic has you itching to travel, you’re not alone. The majority (60%) of pet parents said the pandemic sparked a travel bug and feelings of wanderlust for them. And in the spring and summer of 2022, they’re planning to make up for lost travels—with a twist. 

The majority (56%) of pet parents traveling this spring and summer plan to bring their dog along. Staying home didn’t just inspire people to get out and explore, it also bonded them even more closely with their pets, and now they don’t want to leave those furry family members behind.

Summer Travelers Hit the Road With Their Dogs

A graphic with a dog traveling with a suitcase to illustrate that 47% of pet parents would rather travel with their dog than anyone else

Vacation-seekers are hitting the road with their dogs, with nearly half (47%) of pet parents stating they’d rather travel with their dogs than anyone else this spring and summer. So don’t be too surprised if you know someone planning a dream road trip with their pup—and no one else.

Pet Parents Have Plenty of Reasons to Travel with their Dogs

There are many reasons why a pet parent might want to bring their dog on vacation. For the majority (83%) of dog parents, the primary motivation for bringing their dog along is simply because they want to include them. But there are other influences, too. More than one third (36%) of pet parents plan to bring their dog on vacation due to anxiety about leaving them behind. Another 28% were motivated by how anxious their dog would be without them. 

One thing is for sure: these pet parents care deeply about nurturing the bond between them and their dog, which means finding travel activities to enjoy together is a high priority. In fact, 79% of dog parents agree that pet-friendly activities are their biggest consideration when planning a dog-friendly spring or summer vacation. 

What’s Top of Mind for Traveling Pet Parents?

Rover asked pet parents about their biggest concerns when planning travel with their dogs. Here is what we found:

  • For 57% of pet parents traveling with their dogs this spring and summer, their biggest worry is for their pet’s comfort during the journey itself. 
  • Despite a recent uptick in travel, 40% of pet parents traveling with their dog are worried about covid-19 quarantine regulations impacting travel plans. 
  • Pet anxiety is top of mind for travelers bringing their dog this spring and summer. In fact, 36% worry their dog may be confused by different smells, sounds and languages, while 23% worry they won’t have the facilities to care for their pet as they usually would. 
  • With rising costs due to the pandemic and inflation, one quarter (25%) of traveling pet parents are anxious about the added financial cost of bringing their dog along. (e.g. travel paperwork, travel carriers, pet accommodation fees, etc.)

Pet Parents Not Exempt from Revenge Travel Trend

So-called “revenge travel” has many people planning trips to make up for lost travel opportunities due to the pandemic, and pet parents are no exception.

The majority (62%) of pet parents are planning to take 2-3 trips with their dog this spring and summer. Of these folks, 53% said their primary motivation for traveling this spring and/or summer is “to have fun and enjoy time away from home.”

The short of it? Pet parents are planning to travel—one way or another—this spring and summer. Many are chasing sun, while others simply want to catch up with friends and family. For plenty of folks, their dogs will be by their side. If you’re planning travel this year, check out our resources below for helpful tips on what to pack, how to find dog-friendly activities and other factors to consider when traveling with a dog.

Methodology: A Rover survey of 1,000 US dog parents via Pollfish.

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