Rover's Holiday Shopping Report: a banner with dogs celebrating the holiday season

Rover’s 2021 Holiday Shopping Report

Dogs will get to unwrap holiday gifts too

The vast majority—89%—of dog owners plan to give their dog a gift this holiday season. This stat was high last year and continues to grow, up 9% in 2021!

Interestingly, men (92%) are more likely than women (84%) to buy their dog a gift this year, though both are very likely to spoil their pups—especially the 63% of dog owners who plan to spend more than $50 on each of their dogs.

A happy pandemic puppy with presents for the holiday season

The pandemic has slowed shipping—but not gift giving

With the effects of the pandemic still impacting everyday life, shipping and fulfillment delays related to COVID-19 are on dog owners’ minds this year. Most dog owners, 75%, plan to order gifts for their dogs early to make sure they arrive in time for the holidays. The largest portion of these dog owners (50%) plan to start shopping for their dog’s holiday gifts before Thanksgiving.

A German Shepherd with packages and a computer

Online gift shopping is king this year

Despite those COVID-related shipping delays, most American dog owners (75%) still plan to order gifts online this year. Some will still shop locally as well, but online gift shopping clearly came out on top in 2021.

A puppy holding shopping bags

Where exactly are pet parents shopping though? For the 75% shopping online, Amazon and Etsy are favorite websites to browse. In the ever-present battle of local versus big box pet stores, the chains come out on top but not by much: 58% of pet parents plan to shop at big box stores like Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, and Target while 53% will visit their local neighborhood pet stores.

41% of pet parents even indicated some of their favorite dog-centric brands they plan to purchase from, including The Foggy Dog, Canada Pooch, and our own Rover Store. Some very special pups (28%) will get gifts from big name department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s, and another lucky group (18%) will get lovingly homemade gifts from their people.

Holiday travel with dogs is in for 2021

For many Americans, a trip over the river and through the woods is in order to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, and many plan to bring their dogs along for the ride. In fact, 63% of dog owners say they plan to travel with their pet this holiday season.

An infographic with dark green and light green doodles to show pet parents traveling during the holidays

If you’re planning to bring your pup along, you know how important it is to keep them happy and to lower their anxiety along the way. Try bringing along a favorite toy or blanket and be sure to keep the treats coming! You could also consider this top-rated pet carrier or this tote bag designed specifically for traveling with dogs—they’re big hits with customers of the Rover Store.

Gift shopping can often be stressful, but it can become something fun if you know where to shop! If you’re one of the 76% of dog parents who plan to buy a pet-themed gift for someone in your life this year (including yourself!), check out the Rover Store. It’s full of fun and practical gifts curated by pet people, for pet people.

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