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The Future of Work: Dog-Friendly Companies

Dogs Are a Company’s Best Friend

A blue pie chart showing that 74% of pet parents are more likely to feel loyalty to a dog-friendly company

Looking for loyal employees? Having a dog-friendly office or other pet-related perks can improve employee loyalty: 74% of pet parents indicated they are more likely to feel loyalty toward a company that is dog friendly. 

Employers with lots of Millennial employees should especially take note, because this group is most likely to feel loyalty to dog-friendly companies compared to other generations.

For Many Employees, Pets Take Priority

A yellow pie chart showing that 58% of pet parents would leave their job to work for a more dog-friendly company

Given the chance, over half (58%) of pet parents would be willing to leave their current job for a role at a more pet-friendly company. 

This stat skyrockets for those who welcomed home a new dog during the pandemic: 80% of these pet parents would jump at the chance to work for a more dog-friendly company. However, those who already had a pet prior to March 2020 are much less likely to feel this way, with just 44% stating they are willing to leave their current job.

Pets perks is one idea that Millennials and Gen Z employees seem to agree on. More than half, 62% and 63% respectively, agree that they’d be willing to leave their job to work for a more dog-friendly company.

Employees Feel Empowered to Demand Change

A green pie chart with 37% of pet parents saying they feel more empowered than pre-pandemic to request dog-friendly benefits from their employers

Compared to pre-pandemic, 37% of dog parents now feel more empowered to request or demand in-office policy changes including those related to pets. For pet parents who welcomed home a dog during the pandemic, this is even more true, with 42% of these employees feeling more empowered now than they did pre-pandemic.

The most empowered post-pandemic generation of all? Gen Z, of course! Compared to other generations, 43% of Gen Z employees said they have no problem making requests or even demands of their employers.

Trading Free Snacks for Puppy Snuggles

A graphic showing that the #1 benefit employees want from their employer is a dog-friendly workplace.

Step aside unlimited La Croix and turkey jerky: Dog parents said they’d rather have pet benefits than unlimited snacks and drinks, faster wifi, or catered lunches in the office. Being able to bring their dog to work is the top motivator and perk that pet parents said would get them excited to go back to the office.

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