Dog Boarding in Littleton

Find a loving dog sitter to watch your dog overnight at your sitter's home.

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Dog Boarding in Littleton

Find a loving dog sitter to watch your dog overnight at your sitter's home.

Mary recently booked dog boarding with David & Dawn in Littleton

David & Dawn
86 repeat clients
Mary's ReviewApr 28, 2019

David and Dawn took wonderful care of Ripley. The pictures they sent us were great and showed a very healthy, happy dog. She seems glad to be home, but tired out from that last 3-mile walk! We'll certainly be happy to leave her with them again.

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Mary Jo
12 repeat clients
Eirika & Lynn
9 repeat clients
6 repeat clients
Amber & Ryan

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Wilma N.

Jane's review on Jul 15, 2019
Joey came home a happy dog. Playing with 2 other dogs helped him become better socialized and definitely calmer. We will call Wilma again.

Matthew H.

Brynn's review on Jun 16, 2019
Matthew has watched my dog Ted twice now and I have booked with him again already. He does great with Ted and sends pictures regularly. Ted always looks like he is happy and enjoying his time with Matthew.

Amber & Ryan B.

Ron's review on Jun 16, 2019
Could not be happier. Very communicative and stayed in touch through entire stay

Janie G.

Samuel's review on Jun 03, 2019
Janie is always so good to our Mer baby and welcomes him with open arms! We never let anyone else watch over him and he enjoys going back over to play!

Hannah W.

Heidi's review on Jun 01, 2019
What a great experience! Hannah truly treated and loved my dog as her own. I didn't feel anxious leaving my girl with Hannah for the day even a little. Getting pictures throughout the day always helps, too. Thanks guys!

Christina A.

Beth's review on May 31, 2019
Bailey enjoyed her stay and fell asleep right when we got home. As many have said - a tired pup is a happy pup!

Tyler Z.

Ellen's review on May 25, 2019
Riley spent his longest time yet with Emily and Tyler-a full week. We got lots of photos and videos all showing him having a great time and getting lots of love. He came home his happy, normal self-just a little more tired than usual. Another great dog sitting experience!

Lindsey P.

Whitney's review on May 21, 2019
Lindsey was amazing! She was warm and welcoming and her little cocker spaniel baby was very kind and patient with my baby boy!

Top Dog Parks in Littleton

Chatfield Dog ParkChatfield, Littleton

One of the most attractive and popular parks in the Littleton area, Chatfield park has a 69-acre off-leash fenced in dog park that caters to not only the energetic but the stoic. Not only is the off-leash area available, but for dog walkers who want to get around this state park, there are miles of loop trails, wooded areas, water access, and biking. A significant amount of these trails are unpaved or natural. If you’re dog sitting in Littleton, you and your pups can experience the rich plant life, natural areas, and geology that covers this 3,895-acre park with 26 miles of trails.

Ketring ParkBlakeland / Acequia, Littleton

Unfortunately this beautiful natural park doesn’t have a dedicated off-leash dog area, however, it has a lot to offer so don’t let that keep you from this pristine neighborhood park. There are plenty of amenities for dog walkers at this compact yet, beautiful neighborhood park. Dog waste disposal, a large lake, and both looped and un-looped walking paths offer a nice setting for those quick outings. There is also plenty of green space for picnic gatherings, relaxing afternoons in the sun, or for those snowy days - a nice snowshoe out and back. Adjacent to the park, don’t miss the 19th century living history farm along with the Gallup Gardens just right across the street.

Reynolds LandingColumbine, Littleton

This park isn’t just beautiful, it’s unique. One of three connected parks, this most eastern park features pavilions, grills, and miles of hiking trails for the more active Littleton dog walkers and sitters. With plenty of natural space to explore, boaters and waders can take advantage of the park’s proximity to the South Platte River and the small lake in the center of the park. In 2016 efforts were made to add additionals trails and parking. As you begin to explore this park, you’ll find that the Lee Gulch Trail connects Reynolds Landing to three additional parks Lower Ridgewood Park, Charley Emley Park, and Ashbaugh Park. Needless to say, tiring yourself and your dog out will be easy to do in a morning or afternoon outing.

Deer Park CanyonGrizzly Drive, Littleton

A massive 1634-acre park with over 13 miles of walking, biking, and horse trails. If you’re dog boarding in Littleton, you’ll love this day outing with your dog clients. As with most Colorado parks, leashed dogs are welcome to hike and enjoy nature. At Deer Park Canyon, most of the trails are open all year around, however, check with the park website to make sure a trail isn’t closed to protect wildlife or for trail work. For those daytripping, there are picnic and open space areas to use for relaxing and eating. Beware, this park is known for an abundance of rattlesnakes. But don’t let that deter you from enjoying this gem of Littleton. After your hike, make it a point to head back into downtown Littleton for a coffee or bite to eat.

Littleton's Bark Score

National Rank: 143Colorado Rank: 10
Vet AvailabilityUS Avg: 40
Parks and FunUS Avg: 57
Pet ServicesUS Avg: 58
Quality of Dog LifeUS Avg: 58

How Littleton got their Bark Score

We love crunching numbers almost as much as we love caring for dogs, which is why we came up with the Bark Score. It's all about how dog-friendly a city is, and is determined using census statistics, local business information, and our own data. Littleton received a 58 out of 100 in vet availability, which includes the number of emergency veterinarians, regular vets, specialists, and the average premium for pet insurance in the area. For pet services—like groomers available, number of dog trainers, and count of Rover sitters—this city earned a 71. For the parks and fun category, Littleton received a 72 for its number of dog parks, sunny days, and dog-friendly restaurants and hotels. And last but not least, for quality of dog life which includes overall dog population, average yard size, and number of dog-friendly property rentals, this city earned a 70.

Top Dog Neighborhoods in Littleton

Downtown Historic District

Named one of Denver’s best suburbs, Littleton, CO has a lot to offer beyond playing second to the big city. However, if Littleton is a well-guarded secret, Downtown Littleton is the neighborhood that sums it all up: little town, big flair. Tucked between storefronts, are some of Littleton’s best bars, restaurants, and homegrown shops. The balance between urban living and open space is a dog walker’s dream and with an abundance of open space, Downtown Littleton offers more to dog walkers and pet owners than most neighborhoods. With a dog park, popular parks, and quick access to larger state parks, Downtown Littleton sums up the best of Colorado living.


Surrounded by state parks and easy access to nature, Ken-Caryl is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast. Sitting on the footsteps of some of the greatest outdoor adventures a Littleton dogwalker can find, this neighborhood is expansive, offers an abundance of locally owned restaurants, and is a stone's throw from Denver. After you take a hike around Chatfield Lake or let your pup run around at the off-leash park at Chatfield, be sure to head into town and grab some grub at many of the dog-friendly restaurants and cafes. Whether you visit or plan on staying for a while, make sure you learn the correct pronunciation of this popular neighborhood.


Although Roxborough is a smaller neighborhood on the outskirts of Littleton, don’t let that fool you. With plenty to do and plenty to see, Roxborough offers up some of the most scenic and expansive outdoor opportunities in all of Littleton. Not only close the Roxborough State Park, but also within a short distance of both Chatfield reservoir and Waterton canyon: both are dog friendly. When it comes to community, Roxborough has it dialed in. With neighborhood garage sales, a friendly atmosphere, and a focus on outdoor living, any dog walker or dog sitter in Littleton can find plenty of dog clients.


Known for its rolling hills and quiet residential gated neighborhoods (and, sadly, for being the site of a mass shooting in 1999 at Columbine High School), this neighborhood also has a rich history of being one of the key centers of the farming and gold rush communities, Columbine offers history and nature outings for Littleton dog walkers incomparable to other parts of the area. Chatfield State Park with over 1500 acres of hikers, bikers, campers, and boaters, also offers a large 100-acre off-leash dog area. Once dog owners get their fill of walking and hiking, they can leave their dog with a Littleton dog sitter pick from many of the locally owned and operated restaurants. Between sushi, Lebanese, Mexican, or American, the food options are endless.

Why do dog owners love Littleton?

Home to the South Platte Park, Carson Nature Center, and Pirates Cove Wave Center—a splash park beloved by local kids—Littleton offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. And it’s full of friendly neighborhoods, creative and artistic opportunities, and cultural events. Littleton is the County seat for Arapahoe County and has a total city (proper) population of 41,737. With a history dating back to the mid-1800’s gold rush, this city is named after a civil engineer who moved from the East coast to help develop the water systems that helped create the city to what it is today. Littleton boasts a rich history of growth and expansion including a technology boom in the mid-sixties with the space race. Featuring over 20 historic buildings and spaces, Littleton is a grand mix of today, tomorrow, and years that built the city into what it is today. Regardless of your budget, Littleton offers experiences from grand to gratis. Take a few hours to explore the Littleton Museum. Rated one of the most attended and appreciated Littleton attractions, the Littleton Museum is a living museum that plays host to artist fairs, harvest festivals, and educational exhibits that demonstrate how the gold rush shaped the economic and cultural landscape of Littleton in the 1850s. If farm animals aren’t your thing, you can take a beer tour, a food tour, or even attend a show at the local comedy club. Between the rich history of the area and the growing attraction to nature, Littleton sits in the perfect spot between the great outdoors and the bigger city of Denver. Littleton is a great spot for outdoor recreation, with a collection of green spaces that include popular Robert F. Clement Park and Belleview Park, home to a petting zoo and a putt-putt golf course. Bear Creek is a favored spot for fishing, while hikers head to the Mary Carter Greenway Trail. Located on the Platte River, Chatfield State Park is one of the area’s top camping spots for Littleton dog owners. Between the state parks, rich rural and westward expansion history, and neighborhood vibe, Littleton is both a vacation spot as well as a place to thrive and live. A little suburb with big opportunities.

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