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How the Pandemic Bonded Us to Our Pets

Who Do You Know Better, Your Pet or Your Partner?

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According to our survey, over half (53%) of pet parents claim they know their pet’s personality and quirks more than their significant other’s, best friend’s, or mom’s. And they don’t just know their pets—most pet parents believe they’ve got the pick of the litter: A whopping 73% said they believe their pet is the most unique.

Real Stories from Really Obsessed Pet Parents

But what are those unique quirks and personality traits pet parents know so well? These true stories pet parents shared with us paint a hilariously specific picture:

  • “My dog will not go for a walk unless I have my walking shoes on. He knows by my shoes how long we will be outside.”
  • “My dogs only eat off a fork.”
  • “My dog needs to hold a stuffed animal to poop.”
  • “My pet will only eat if I pretend to take a bite first.”

If Pets Could Talk, Their Humans Would Listen

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Ever wonder what your pet would say to you if they could talk? You’re not alone: 90% of people wonder what their pet would say to them if they could speak the same language. Which is interesting considering that 81% of pet parents say they can communicate with their pet with just a look.

Less Talk, More Snuggles

While we haven’t yet figured out how to get pets to talk, it doesn’t really seem to matter. When it comes to socializing, most people would rather spend time with their pets anyway:

  • 56% of pet parents have opted out of a social engagement to hang out with their pet instead.
  • 66% of people would rather snuggle on the couch with their pet than anyone else, including their partner.
  • 71% of pet parents claim they trust their pet’s judgment about other people, which influences their own opinions.

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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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What about when we’re forced to spend time away from our pets? For most people, it’s a real bummer: Over half (58%) of pet parents claim that they miss their pets more than their partner, friends, or family when traveling. 

The majority (67%) of pet owners also believe their pet experiences the most stress or anxiety when they’re apart, and even more pet parents (83%) worry about their pet when they leave the house for travel, work, or any other reason.

The Right Sitter Can Make All the Difference

Reducing that anxiety—on both sides of the equation—is a big part of building a stronger bond between pets and people, and it’s something we’re invested in at Rover. The sitters you’ll meet on Rover are as varied and unique as the pets in our community, which means that there’s a sitter out there for every kind of pet—and with Rover they’re right in your neighborhood.

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