Meet Office Dog: Charlie

It’s said that dogs in the workplace reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Based on that, the office must be a place of zen and super workers! Here is one of the office dogs who makes the office a great place to work!

Dog Name: Charile – Also goes by Charles

Owner Name: Brad

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Fox Terrier/Rat Terrier mix

Age: 2

Personality: He’s a big weirdo. Charlie is timid until he gets to know you. He’s the biggest Washington Husky fan and gets decked out in his purple and gold jersey, collar and leash on game days. When he plays hard he likes to bark and let everyone know he means business.

Favorite Toy: Being a big football fan it’s obvious that his favorite toy is a “Kong” tennis ball shaped like a football that squeaks. He doesn’t bring it to work because it’s kind of annoying.

Favorite Thing About Working at Charlie’s favorite thing about coming to work is playing catch down the long hallway in the office. When no one is watching he plays fetch by himself. He also enjoys smelling everyone’s lunch selection and seeing if his puppy eyes will score him a quick snack.

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