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Sitterprofilbild: Rodrigo M.
Identität verifiziert
Sitterprofilbild: Rodrigo M.
Identität verifiziert

1. Rodrigo M.

Dedicated Pet Lover: Dogs and Cats Enthusiast 🐶🐱
Dresde, 01099
20.0 km. entfernt
Betreuung über Nacht, Haussitting, Fütter- & Spielbesuche, Tagesbetreuung, Gassi-Service
22 Jahre Erfahrung
10 €
pro Fütter- & Spielbesuch

Über: I stand out as a pet carer with a lifetime of experience and a deep love for animals. Growing up in Argentina, I had four cats and three dogs in my home. My unique skill set includes training puppies and providing compassionate senior care. My dedication to caring for animals sets me apart from other sitters, and your pets will receive the love and attention they deserve Pet care seamlessly fits into my daily and weekly routine. I have great schedule flexibility and full-time availability to be there whenever your pets need me. I can adjust my calendar to ensure they receive consistent attention and care, from walks to meals and affection. Your furry companions will always be a top priority in my daily life. I offer pet care both in my own home and in the pet owner's home to accommodate different needs. In my apartment, I can provide a comfortable and safe environment for cats. For in-home pet care, I'm entirely comfortable caring for pets in their own familiar surroundings, which is often less stressful for them. Whether it's taking care of cats at my place or looking after pets in their homes, I ensure they receive the attention, love, and care they need.

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