Star Sitter recognizes you

The Star Sitter program recognizes pet sitters and dog walkers with a track record of highly-rated care for pets and responsive, reliable service for pet parents on Rover. Highlight your experience and differentiate yourself and your business with Star Sitter status.

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Star Sitter
Star Sitter
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Stand out with Star Sitter

We make it easy for pet parents to identify sitters with Star Sitter status–which helps you stand out in the crowd.

Star Sitter badge on the search card

The Star Sitter profile badge

This badge on your profile shows pet parents that you have highly-rated care for pets and responsive, reliable service for your clients.

Star Sitter search filter

A Star Sitter search filter

Your status will be displayed in search to help you stand out to pet parents trying to find their perfect match. Pet parents are also able to filter their search for sitters with Star Sitter status.

How to qualify for Star Sitter status

Every 3 months, your historical stats are refreshed to see if you qualify for Star Sitter status based on the criteria below. Your Star Sitter status will renew as long as you continue to meet the criteria on the qualifying date.

No need to worry if you miss the requirements—we know life happens and running a business requires flexibility. You'll keep your Star Sitter status as long as you don’t miss the criteria twice in a row. If you lose it, you can requalify every 3 months.

Book stays on Rover

Complete bookings from at least 5 different clients in the last 6 months. This can help pet parents know you’re in the practice of regularly caring for pets.

Maintain a high star rating

Maintain a 4.9+ average star rating based on reviews from pet parents. This helps pet parents rest easy knowing you’ll take great care of their pet.

Respond in a timely manner

Respond to 95% of your recent requests within 24 hours. For this, your most recent (last 25) requests will apply. When pet parents reach out, they know you’ll be there.

Rarely cancel

Cancel bookings last minute 2% or less of the time. This helps pet parents who book with you feel confident that their plans won’t fall through.

Last minute means the booking is cancelled within five days of the start date. If a pet parent cancels, that won't factor in to your Star Sitter status.

Accept new clients

Book at least 33% of any recent requests from new pet parents that match your profile preferences and calendar availability. This helps pet parents who reach out for the first time be more confident that they can find a match.

For this, your most recent (last 25) requests apply. Remember to keep your calendar and profile preferences up to date.

Retain & book repeat clients

Complete bookings from at least 2 repeat clients in the past 6 months. This helps new and returning clients know they can keep coming back to their favorite sitter–you.

With Rover, you control your bookings, schedule, and rates. It’s helpful to keep your calendar and preferences up to date so you can be recognized for responsive, reliable service.

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