Promotion Code Terms of Service Promotion Code & Custom URL Terms and Conditions

(last revised: November 28, 2017)

Rover offers pet care service providers (“you,” “your”) the opportunity to create and distribute a custom promotion code (your “Promo Code”) and a custom URL (your “Custom URL”) to promote your Rover pet care business. The purposes of this program are to help you build your business on Rover, to incentivize you to evangelize Rover outside of the Rover platform, and to encourage pet owners who are new to Rover to register for a Rover account and book a service for their pet.

  1. Eligibility

    To create, distribute and benefit from Rover's Promo Code and Custom URL program, you must be a registered pet care service provider in good standing. In addition, your participation in this program is subject to these Promo Code Terms of Service as well as the general Terms of Service ( ); if you do not agree to these Terms or the Terms of Service, please do not participate in this program.

  2. How It Works
    • Create. Create your Promo Code and Custom URL using Rover’s tool found here: .
    • Promote. Promote your Promo Code and Custom URL to your personal and professional networks.
    • Redeem. Pet owners who are new to and redeem your Promo Code get $20 off their first booking on the Rover platform (don’t worry, Rover pays for the discount).
    • Earn Rover Credits. If your Promo Code is redeemed for one of your pet care services, you get new business; if it is redeemed for a service with another Rover pet care provider, you get $10 in Rover Credits. Your Rover Credits will automatically be deposited in your account within approximately 72 hours after the completion of the eligible service.
  3. Additional Terms & Restrictions
    1. Promote Responsibly: Do’s and Don’ts
      1. Don’t publish your Promo Code or Custom URL anywhere within the Rover network (including on your profile, in Q&A forums, or in direct messages); the purpose of this program is to bring new users to the Rover platform.
      2. Do promote your Promo Code and Custom URL to your bona fide personal and professional networks. If you use social media to promote your Promo Code and Custom URL, you must comply with all terms and conditions of those social media sites.
      3. Don’t publish your Promo Code or Custom URL via mass messages to people you don’t personally know, or via automated systems or bots, coupon websites, or other third-party websites where you don’t have express permission from the site owner to do so.
      4. Don’t redeem your own Promo Code (or your sister’s Promo Code, or your roommate’s Promo Code…).
      5. Don’t create a Promo Code or Custom URL that (i) infringes or violates the rights of any third party, (ii) is confusingly similar to any Rover trademarks, (iii) is inflammatory, obscene or vulgar, or (iv) is deceptive, misleading, or otherwise unlawful.
      6. Do comply with all laws when creating, marketing, and distributing your Promo Code or Custom URL, including, but not limited to, laws related to unsolicited commercial email and/or text messages (e.g., CAN-SPAM, the TCPA), and deceptive advertising. You are solely responsible for any liabilities arising from your acts or omissions in connection with the creation, marketing, distribution or other use of your Promo Code or Custom URL.
      7. Don’t engage in any activity that is inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of this program.
    2. Promotional Materials. Any non-digital materials (business cards, flyers, etc) that contain your Promo Code or Custom URL must be purchased through the Rover Print Store located at
    3. Your Promo Code and Custom URL. Limit of one Promo Code & Custom URL per pet care service provider. Once you create your Promo Code and Custom URL, they cannot be changed, modified, or deleted (except by Rover in its sole discretion).
    4. Promo Code Redemptions.
      1. Redemption of Promo Codes by new users is subject to Rover’s approval, valid registration and account creation, and acceptance of the Rover Terms of Service (completing a booking through the website or app constitutes acceptance).
      2. Promo Code value in excess of the booking amount will be forfeited (e.g., if a $20 Promo Code is used for a $15 booking, the remaining $5 will not be usable for future bookings).
      3. Limit of one Promo Code redemption per household.
      4. Promo Code discounts are not transferrable once redeemed.
    5. Taxes. You will be solely responsible for any taxes incurred as a result of earning Rover Credits under this program.
    6. Miscellaneous. Promo Codes are valid for a limited time only. Rover reserves the right to modify, cancel, deactivate or delete any or all Promo Codes or Custom URLs or terminate this program at any time, for any reason. Promo Codes are void if restricted or prohibited by law. Rover will own all rights in any sub-domains or URLs created by this program. All decisions regarding eligibility for this program will be made by Rover in its sole discretion. Rover may suspend or terminate your eligibility to participate in this program if you violate any of these Promo Code Terms of Service, the Terms of Service, or otherwise engage in activity that, in Rover’s sole discretion, is inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of this program.