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Natasha S. provides

Traveling Sitting

from $55 per night
100% response rate Sitter responds to all requests within 24 hours
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Natasha S.'s Skills
  • 7 Years Of Experience
  • First Aid/CPR
About Natasha:

Hello! I am an experienced house sitter/pet sitter and have been in the business for 7 years. I have many professional references that would be happy to give you their personal recommendations. I absolutely love animals and have cared for all types. I am reliable, responsible, and compassionate. I do not smoke or do drugs. All I need is a list of things you need me to do while you're away and it's done! You can count on me to keep your pets happy and your home tidy. As a pet sitter, I feed the animals exactly the way the owner does, change the water frequently, exercise and play with the animals, clean up after them, and administer any topical or oral medicine/supplements required.

**Holidays are time and a half

Feeding, changing water, exercising (i.e. walking,running,toys), picking up pet waste, changing cat litter, bathing dogs (waterless baths for cats), oral/topical medication administration, overnight stays, taking in mail/paper, keeping owners house safe and tidy

Why I love dog sitting
I have always been an animal lover, so my love for dogs has been as long as I've been alive! Although I have never owned any dogs of my own, I have had the pleasure of caring for some of the sweetest, smartest dogs for the past 7 years. Each one with his or her own unique personality and special needs. My experience with dogs range from puppies to the elderly, dogs who need a lot or very little exercise, and dogs who require strict care due to skin or food allergies. But no matter the degree of maintenance, every dog I have cared for have been very appreciative by giving me kisses and affection :) not to mention the owners praising my care either in person or thank you notes. I never feel taken for granted in this profession and I absolutely love being a pet sitter!

My experience administering medication
I am comfortable administering most medication. I will administer anything topical (eyes, ears, skin), I'm no professional so it's better if the dog is used to the medication beforehand. I am comfortable giving pills to dogs (especially if they're wrapped in pill pockets). I am uncomfortable and not experienced with catheters or subcutaneous fluids.

What Natasha needs to know about your dog

I would like to know the activity level, temperament, and general health of the dog just so that I am better preperared ahead of time. I am comfortable around any and all breed of dogs as long as they are friendly with strangers. If I am required to be active with the dog outside of its home, I would prefer the dog to be comfortable around other animals.

When Natasha cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
Since I'm a student, when I'm not at school I plan on spending the majority of the day at your home doing homework and playing with your animals!

Extra house-sitting services
Anything additional you need me to do while you're away is no problem! Plus I always leave your home as clean or cleaner than when I came.

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Clients within: 10 miles (see map)
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Bonnie S.

July 31

Julie W.

August 12
Natasha is an amazing pet sitter! We have used her numerous times for our 3 cats and our corgi. Our animals are like our children so we trust them with very few people. Our animals love her!

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