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Stoughton, MA

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About Korie:

I'm a 23-year-old female grad (online program) student who has grown up around dogs of all kinds. My family dog for 14 yeas was a German Shepherd who we found on our doorstep one New Year's Eve, and there is a special place in my heart for Pits as well, so I do not fear, and to be honest I prefer, the larger breeds. I rent a room in a home but am technically alone, and I am not allowed to have pets. I miss being around dogs and would love to care for yours. I am very flexible, which we can discuss, so I'll have lots of time to hang out with Sparky. Depending on what you would like for me and how far I will be driving, my rates are open, so please ignore the one listed and send me what you think is best. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Pet owner, pet sitter, pet lover

Why I love dog sitting
23 years and counting. I grew up with a German Shepherd that we found on our doorstep on New Year's Eve.

What Korie needs to know about your dog

I prefer larger dogs but I love them all. I would like to know what their "normal" behaviors and mannerisms are, what might set them off to misbehave in any way, and just a run-through of their routine and where everything I might need is.

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I am open, so we can discuss anything.

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November 11

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