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Loganville, GA

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Brianna B. provides

Home Sitting

from $30 per night

Traveling Sitting

90% response rate Sitter responds to most requests within 24 hours
Under an hour Sitter responds in under an hour
50% of stays Sitter sends photos through Rover on some stays
Brianna B.'s Skills
  • 6 Years Of Experience
  • Oral Medication Administration
  • Injected Medication Administration
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Senior Dog Experience
  • Special Needs Dog Experience
  • Can provide daily exercise
Brianna B.'s Home
  • House
  • Fenced Yard
  • Non-Smoking Household
  • Has Caged Pets
  • Has 2 Dogs
  • No Children
  • Dogs Not Allowed On Bed
  • Dogs Allowed On Furniture
About Brianna:

Hey there! I am Brianna and I would love to care for your pet while you are away! I've been around all sorts of animals all of my life.There is a park less than 5 minutes away from my home (Tribble Mill Park). It has tons of trails so you can be sure your pet will be nice and exercised. My place is spacious and homely. Lots of places to run around if your dog gets one of those night-time energy bursts (I know mine does!). I can guarantee that the fun will never end! :) feel free to contact me!

About this sitter:
Hey there ! My name is Brianna and I absolutely ADORE animals. I have two dogs, a saltwater tank, a Green Cheek Conure, a hamster, and a snake.In the past I've also had 2 parakeets, a cat and 2 turtles so i have experience with other animals if you need assistance with them too.I would love to make you feel at ease while you are away by caring for your loving companion. I can check in on them, give them walks and play with them, I can even take them to the dog park if you would like. I have a dog that loves making friends, so if you would like I can even let them have a little play date. I will do whatever I can and keep your family member in good hands. Any other needs or requests are most definitely welcomed to be negotiated. Please feel free to contact me !

I have volunteered at a multitude of places. I worked with horses, cats, dogs, you name it. I am more than happy to work with any dog, regardless of breed or size. I am simply here to make you and you pet happy.

Why I love dog sitting
Oh boy. I have been a dog lover since I was young. I lived in the city when I was growing up and my apartment just wasn't big enough for a dog AND 6 other residents. In Jamaica I had 3 Dobermans. My uncle had a rottweiler and pit bull mix that he found abandoned and I just loved him. I would take him for walks every morning over the summer vacation. When I moved to Georgia and got my on little doggy I was ecstatic! She has become the joy of my life- I spoil her to death !! And I wouldn't have it any other way

Meet my pets
I have 90 gallon a salt-water fish tank, a Green Cheek Conure, a hamster, and a snake all whom I adore.

About my yard
I have a pretty nice sized backyard and front yard. It is fenced :). There is a dog park about 10 minutes away. T

My experience administering medication
Most definitely. I am an assistant at an animal hospital, my job requires me to administer medicine all the time.

What Brianna needs to know about your dog

Before sitting, I would probably like to know what the dog prefers in regards to things such as playing, exercise, socialization with other dogs, etc. As for breed preference, I have NONE. I would gladly sit anything from a toy Yorkie to a Dobermans- I love 'em all !!

When your dog stays in Brianna's home

Your dog's sleeping arrangement
Where ever the dog feels most comfortable. When I first got my dog she was kept in a crate overnight to prevent accidents. Now she sleeps in her dog bed in my room.

Time I'll spend with your dog
As much time as needed for the dog to feel comfortable and loved.

When Brianna cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
Enough for the dog to feel and comfortable and happy.

Extra house-sitting services
Of course! I can do any other various tasks. If you have an animal besides a dog in your home I can also feed them, change their water, etc.

This sitter accepts:

Maximum of 2 dogs, from multiple clients at a time

Clients within: 10 miles (see map)
  • Small (0 - 15lbs)
  • Medium (16 - 40lbs)
  • Large (41 - 100lbs)
  • Giant (101lbs and above)
  • Accepts puppies
  • Dogs who can wait at least 0-2 hours between potty breaks
  • Dogs who can wait at least 4-8 hours between potty breaks
Cancellation Policy: Flexible

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Age: 4 years, 11 mo. old
Weight: 17 lbs.
Breed: Boston Terrier & Chihuahua

Allie is a Chihuahua and Boston Terrier mix that we adopted from the local shelter on June 28th 2011. When we got her she was very sick. She was underweight, had a respiratory infection, and had HUGE anxiety problems. She wouldn't touch a toy, nor would she even bat an eye at treats. In a few weeks it will be a year since we adopted her. She did a complete 360. Now she loves her treats- actually she eats anything that's not her dog food, and when it's playtime I can barely catch my breath keeping up with her. She is a fiery ball of 17 lb. energy. She loves to run around the yard. She is intuitive and curious (but aren't all dogs ? lol ) She is spoiled rotten and is addicted to licking, but I love her dearly.


Age: 1 year, 1 mo. old
Weight: 22 lbs.
Breed: Beagle

6 Reviews

Jennifer G.

December 14

We had to go out of town for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Brianna as always was a wonderful help!

Kelly K.

December 1

Brianna was great! She checked in with us over the holiday and sent pics of the pups. We really appreciate her service and her willingness to answer our questions (to put as at ease as first time Rover users). Would definitely recommend her!

Jennifer G.

September 4

Brianna was excellent with all of our furbabies - and super responsive when we checked in to send us pictures! Even our very shy border collie let Brianna pet her before the stay was over.

Sandra H.

December 31

London was a very happy little dog, no real problems, I would used and Brianna again.

Tara H.

December 2

Briana was just AWESOME!! I can't say enough about her. This was the first time I left 9 week old Kooper and she made me feel so great. She took great care of him and sent me pictures and message all throughout the day in order to set me at ease. I will DEFINITELY use her again and recommend her to others.


Kev M.

November 20
Brianna is an awesome caregiver that truly cares about what she does. She loves animals- and has ever since she was young. I have no doubt that she would make a great sitter.