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upland, CA

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About Audrey:

I currently reside in upland, CA. I am available pretty much 24/7 so I will be with your dog at all times. I have volunteered at an animal shelter for a few months I know how to work with all different types of dogs, small or large. I love dogs and will do anything to make them happy! If you are interested please contact! I would love to watch your pets!(:

Why I love dog sitting
I've been a dog lover all of my life. I adopted my first dog at the age of ten, Elvis. ver since then I have wanted to take care of animals. I have volunteered with dogs so I know alot about them.

My experience administering medication
Yes, I am comfortable with medication.

What Audrey needs to know about your dog

I love any dogs as long as they are friendly! I love playful dogs that love the outdoors because I myself am an outdoor person.

When Audrey cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
All day if that is needed. I would spend atleast 6 hours with your dog. I know that dogs get sad and will not eat if alone too long.

Extra house-sitting services
Yes, I will do extra things at no cost!(: whatever is needed to make sure the pet and customer is satisfied.

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