Hundekindergarten in Schirmitz

Bring deinen Hund zur Hundetagesbetreuung zum Sitter - ähnlich eines Hundekindergartens.

Ich suche eine Betreuung für meine/n:
Betreuung über Nacht
Fütter- & Spielbesuche
Wöchentlich wiederholen
Welche Tage benötigst du?
Wie groß sind deine Hunde (kg)?


Sitterprofilbild: Annmarie M.
Identität verifiziert
Sitterprofilbild: Annmarie M.
Identität verifiziert

1. Annmarie M.

Animal loving expat missing having pets in my life
Weiden in der Oberpfalz, 92637
3.7 km. entfernt
Tagesbetreuung, Gassi-Service
12 Jahre Erfahrung
30 €
pro Tag

Über: I grew up with two cats and a dachshund/beagle mix who I raised from being kitten/puppies. I lived with my sister for a year and helped take care of her two American Akitas. They were not very good with other dogs, people, and children so I learned to take caution with them on walks and read their body language. I gave them pills before and helped taking them on road trips. My sister and I fostered two dogs- one had a broken hip and was likely abused. We got her a surgery, socialized her, potty trained her, and taught her to walk before finding her a family. I also volunteered to walk dogs at an animal shelter for several months and several of these dogs could be aggressive and hyperactive. I also helped clean the cat cages there. I am used to all kinds of dogs and cats and have a calm presence with them. I have a lot of energy for walks and playing with them too. I am available for walks and pet sitting or feeding in evenings and on the weekends only. I usually work a bit later in the days during the weeks. Sundays are great days for me to be available I grew up with pets in the house, on furniture, and even sleeping in the bed. I have always fed them multiple times a day and done daily walks. I have always brushed pets too for excess hair and played with them with treats. I have given medicine on some occasions and helped to bring them to vet appointments. On walks, dogs should be able to explore and smell and take their time but also shouldn’t learn bad habits like dragging their walker while chasing after things.

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