Housesitting in Amelinghausen

Finde Housesitting, damit neben deinem Zuhause auch dein Haustier liebevoll betreut wird.

Ich suche eine Betreuung für meine/n:
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Fütter- & Spielbesuche
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Sitterprofilbild: Mingxiu S.
Identität verifiziert
Sitterprofilbild: Mingxiu S.
Identität verifiziert

1. Mingxiu S.

Pet-Loving College Student from Veterinary Family~
Hamburg, 21109
42.8 km. entfernt
Betreuung über Nacht, Haussitting, Fütter- & Spielbesuche, Tagesbetreuung, Gassi-Service
1 Bewertung
23 €
pro Nacht

I believe Mingxiu S. would provide safe, loving care, and excellent customer service for several reasons. Firstly, I have witnessed firsthand their interactions with animals, which are filled with patience and affection. Secondly, Mingxiu has not only cared for their own pets but also looked after mine, treating each animal with the same level of care and attention as they would their own family. Most importantly, Mingxiu is an admirable individual, possessing qualities of kindness, responsibility, and genuine dedication to their work and life, which leads me to firmly believe that they would excel as a pet care provider and outstanding human being.

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