How do I remove a dog from my profile?

asked 2016-07-15 12:34:04 -0500

Only one of our dogs will require pet-sitting, but when I book the sitter, I'm automatically charged for both dogs. Where is there a choice to select how many/which dogs will need services?

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answered 2016-07-15 12:52:57 -0500

When you log onto Rover on your computer, the first screen says "Love your dog. Live your life." Under that is a box with the descriptors you originally plugged into your Rover profile. Each of your dogs will have a check-box. Simply un-check the box next to the dog that won't need boarding.

On the app, go to Find a Sitter, then the search icon at the top (the magnifying glass). You should see a screen that has toggle switches for each pet. You can turn off the toggle for the pet that won't need boarding.

Good luck!

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