How to cancel the request?

asked 2016-04-06 10:57:28 -0500

I sent a house sitting request yesterday, but I want to cancel it. How can I cancel the request?

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I'm wondering the same thing! If I don't require a sitter anymore and just want to remove my email inquiry, is there an easy way to do so? (which would also be helpful for the sitter, since we don't want to waste their time either)

Shari B.'s profile image Shari B.  ( 2019-09-29 19:36:37 -0500 ) edit

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answered 2016-04-06 11:36:51 -0500

As a sitter, I don't know what online capabilities exist for customers. Try calling Customer Support at 888-453-7889. They should be able to cancel the request.

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answered 2016-04-07 17:57:21 -0500

If you haven't confirmed and paid for your stay, you can also send another message to the sitter you sent the request to and ask them to decline it.

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I'm not showing a button to decline a request. Where is it?

Eileen S.'s profile image Eileen S.  ( 2016-06-30 19:24:54 -0500 ) edit

It's not a "decline" button. It is an "Archive" and decline button when someone asks for a request or booking.

Bydette D.'s profile image Bydette D.  ( 2019-07-23 18:06:42 -0500 ) edit

If you are the sitter, go into details and archive the request. It will ask you why you declined.

Julie M.'s profile image Julie M.  ( 2019-12-11 23:03:46 -0500 ) edit

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