Continuing care when the booking hasn't been confirmed?

I kind of regret booking this particular client in the first place. They hassled me about my price, but I agreed to walk their dog 5 days a week until June.

Ever since I've been walking for them there's been frustration when it comes time to rebook. They messaged me last week asking if their dog could stay at my home next week since they're going out of town and the dog's other overnight sitter is not available. I don't do sitting in my home, I offered to do an overnight stay in their home and they ignored me (something they often do). So, idk how they're going to handle the trip and if I am still expected to walk the dog or if they're leaving him with someone else.

So, the most recent issue comes this week when I went to rebook they never confirmed it. I went ahead and walked the dog the past two days, but it's bothering me that they haven't confirmed and the request will expire in 20 hours if they don't confirm. So I wonder what position that will leave me in when it comes to payment if they decide to let it expire. I did shoot them a message asking them to confirm and it went unanswered.

Would you stop booking this client considering the communication issues? I'm just afraid they will leave me a bad review if I tell them I'm no longer available.

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It sounds like you have been more than patient and generous with your time. If I were you, I would not provide one more walk until I had been paid.

Do not keep any slots open for the client; if you are busy, you are busy. Don't bend your personal policies for them UNLESS you want to get into boarding.

Keep every email you have sent so you have a trail in case things do get unpleasant.

Next time they wait until the last possible second to book the service, it may even be a good idea (if you really want to make your point) to say, "I'm sorry - since you had not confirmed the booking, I already committed to another customer."

Some people learn the hard way, and you are running a business - not doing favors for people.


Ditto everything Carmen said.


I agree with the above and wanted to pass on a bit of information that Rover support told me. Never keep a dog (walk, house sit, etc) before payment is made! Always make sure it is paid before doing it. That way you ensure that you and Rover are compensated without issue.

It is okay to let them know that you are planning your day(s) and need to know exactly what times and what services are needed as soon as possible as you have others wanting the same times and you want to give them a chance at first choice of time (may or may not be true, they do not have to know that). It makes the customer feel needed and enables you to get precise information.


Completely agree with Carmen's answer. And if this is a Rover booking, I'd ask for their help to collect payment. You also may send another message similar to the one Rosie sent (pasted below) to a non-responsive client -- but changing housing to walking.

I sent my client the following message and payment was made within the hour. :) I'm sure this was an oversight with all the vacation preparations. However, I was contacted by Rover and based on our conversations they are well aware I am housing your dogs. Since payment was not made they are assuming I am accepting cash - which is against policy. They are now threatening to suspend my rover account. Also should anything happen to the dogs while they stay here you are not covered under the insurance. I really would appreciate it if you can please complete the booking. It would be a shame if my site was shut down. Thanks. Rosie


Love seeing this recycled:) Not only did it work and payment was made immediately, the client was much more eager to leave an amazing review in hopes they didn't screw up my rover mojo..

Copied it down for myself. I might be dealing with this situation and the next couple hours.

This is what I do, I say no through the app because the hotline and that they will be reimbursed for any vet bills while they are gone if anything was to happen. I even say they need a driver for any vet visits if the fella needs them. I say I have no car, emergency contact shows up later.

This happened a few times. Contact checks in on me and says anything? I send a picture of the pet right at that moment. The owner even asks how they are. One time I took a ride just to check the inside. Contact texted sent me a screenshot of them requesting just to check. Yes, I went with the dog.

Note: How they are medically and health-wise. I am looking into getting more classes myself for this job. I am on break from sitting frequently as of now.


Don't worry about a "bad review". You have option under their reviews to leave comments. So even if they are negative, leaving a short comment can clear up what actually happened. "So sorry you feel I wasn't able to meet your requests. Since you refused to pay or talk to me I had to end the free services. I will miss Betsy and Blue" etc