Any tips for new sitters? (Like how to get people to start booking you)?

asked 2016-04-28 18:55:21 -0600


I recently signed up to be a Rover sitter and I am VERY excited to get started.

I know the top-performing sitters always appear first, but how does one get booked if you're at the bottom and just starting out?

Any advice would be great! I really want to start booking :)

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answered 2016-04-30 01:19:06 -0600

Network in your immediate area (neighborhood/apartment building/dog parks). Get business cards. Get testimonials. Price yourself at the lower end for your area. Share on Facebook with your group of friends.

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Great idea! I've started mentioning my services at church and have gotten several new clients. When someone asks how you're doing or what you've been up to, tell them about your new business. Have business cards made (I think the Rover store has them with a promo deal) and hand them out.

Cari C.'s profile image Cari C.  ( 2016-04-30 11:16:06 -0600 ) edit
answered 2016-06-16 16:57:46 -0600

I agree with everything everyone is saying in this thread. Respond to request asap, that will bump up your ratings in your zip code search! When I first started I looked at the top sitter's profiles to see what they had posted in the about me section as well as what type of photos/services they offered. How can you stand out!?

But I do want to mention that for Rover sitters such as myself, I am booked months ahead with repeat clients, so my availability is very limited, even then I would take a repeat client over a new one. That is what helps you build your business because they look to sitters such as yourself that have the open availability hence it will help grow your business!

One last tip, make sure you have a great write-up in your profile, I have a very long detailed one. I described who I am, hobbies I have, also why I got in the dog sitting business & if they booked with me what the communication would be like (my standard rule are updates 2x day with photos/description). Really make them feel like they are getting to know you before you even meet in person, that will make your meet/greet very easy as well. Treat it a bit like a dating website, get my drift?!

Good luck!

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answered 2016-04-29 11:01:48 -0600

Hi, Genevieve,

Welcome! Check out this thread of tips for new sitters: https://www.rover.com/community/quest...

Best of luck!

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answered 2016-04-29 19:47:19 -0600

It just takes some time to get your reputation built up and you develop a group of repeat customers Your reviews say that you do a great job with your clients, so just be patient.

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answered 2016-05-27 04:13:37 -0600

It does take time but you will find that during the times that Rover actively advertises on television and radio, you get more requests. You can tell a difference!

One thing that helps when you first start is to send testimonial requests to friends or family. Have them do a testimonial for you so that clients see that you are good around animals. These are not reviews but are handy for someone without reviews.

Remember, we all started with no clients on here and it does not usually take long to get them! Just make sure you respond to each request as quickly as possible and set up meet and greets. Youll be off and running in no time!

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answered 2016-04-28 21:36:58 -0600

Check out the competition's prices and then take $3-$5 off your daily rate. Some owners are all into cheaper, so you have it. The whole thing is about building a base of clients, and whether they picked you because you're cheap or extremely awesome, no one cares! Always be sure to ask for a review if they liked you, though.

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that's exactly what i did. I was the cheapest in our town when we started. I had all the bookings I wanted for as long as i wanted. I am now at market rate, and they people who booked with me before still want to come back because they know we are worth it.

Ann G.'s profile image Ann G.  ( 2016-05-22 15:46:27 -0600 ) edit

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