Meet Office Dog: Gus

It’s said that dogs in the workplace reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Based on that, the office must be a place of zen and super workers! Here is one of the office dogs who makes the office a great place to work!

Dog Name: Gus

Owner Name: Amber

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 1.5 years

Personality: The instigator, the teaser, the “I’m going to run in sprints around your desk for 5 minutes” dog. Gus is sweet and calm at home, but loves to come to the office to visit with his pals. He loves to play, work the treats out of his Kong and visit with the Rover staff. If you have something enticing, he may even jump to show off!

Favorite Toy: His “tail” I bought a stuffed squirrel which was demolished within 24 hours, however the tail was not even touched. I cut the tail off the toy, and gave it to Gus since the squeaker still worked and low and behold he now carries it all around my apartment. When I get home, he grabs it. When we go to bed, he brings it ON my bed. When anyone comes to my apartment, he runs and grabs it and wants them to throw it. He also hides the tail in various spots of my apartment. He will hide it in the corner of my couch and pull blankets over it. He has also hidden it in my shoes in my closet, behind my toilet, and behind the DVD’s in my tv stand. When you ask him “where is the tail” or “go get your tail” he goes and grabs it wherever it may be hidden! Ironic since he doesn’t have a tail…

Favorite Thing About Working at “When we go to work, I like to sleep in the car just to get a little extra energy boost because once I get in the elevator with my mom, its game time. I love going to work because my friends are there. My favorite thing about working at Rover is playing with my best friend Squish. I also play with Charlie, Oscar (although we mainly just bite each other’s limbs) and sometimes other Rover dogs. I work really hard all day exercising and making sure my friends get their exercise too by stealing their toys then making them chase me. By the end of my work day, I am exhausted and sleep the rest of the day. I love my job!”

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