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Sitter Profile Image: Katelyn W.
Verified Background Check
Sitter Profile Image: Katelyn W.
Verified Background Check

Katelyn W.

I’m going to school to be a Vet.
Carlsbad, NM, 88220
29.8 mi. away
Boarding, Drop-In Visits, Doggy Day Care
5.0 out of 5 stars
29 reviews
4 repeat clients
per night

Katelyn always takes good care of Abby while we are away. She send updates with pictures regularly. I recommend Katelyn if you are looking for someone that will take good care of your pets like they’re her own.

Sitter Profile Image: Shelby L.
Verified Enhanced Background Check
Sitter Profile Image: Shelby L.
Verified Enhanced Background Check

Shelby L.

Your pets need are my priority!
Hagerman, NM, 88232
18.4 mi. away
Boarding, House Sitting, Drop-In Visits, Dog Walking
2 reviews
per night

Shelby is a great and caring person with pets! My cat loves when Shelby takes care of him. She has such a great connection with pets we love her!

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Rover also offers other services in Artesia: is the simple, savvy way to find and book Artesia pet boarding. It's easy to find the perfect dog sitter - many sitters on Rover have a long history of dog sitting, and 95% of reviewed stays have received a perfect five-star rating. When you book dog boarding on Rover, your dog will enjoy a loving staycation in their sitter's home. You'll get daily photo updates, and every stay booked through Rover also includes premium pet insurance, 24/7 support, and a reservation guarantee. Every dog sitter in Artesia, NM has the option to complete a free background check. Stays are booked on Rover every minute of every day, and more than 92% of the population lives within a short drive of one of our dog kennel alternatives. When you book [city name] dog boarding on Rover, your dog gets the loving care they deserve, and you get peace of mind.

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