Check Out the Rover.com Mobile App Updates

The Rover.com mobile app features improvements for on-the-go messaging and more


Dear Rover.com Dog Sitters,

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve made some great changes to the Rover.com app for both iOS and Android. You’ll be able to see a summary of these new features when you log in to your Dashboard:

The big news is that you’ll now be able to book stays directly from the app. You’ll also be able to access the care instructions for your Rover dogs. 

The Rover mobile app helps you respond more quickly to sitter requests. With it, you can help keep your response time low, which helps to improve your response rate and overall sitter ranking.

// Rover.com launches iOS and Android app updates // Rover.com BlogPhil Kimmey, Rover.com’s co-founder and director of software development, led the improvements. “We’ve been hearing from our customers who said they wanted these features, to make it easier for them to stay up-to-date on their dog-sitting requests. It’s very exciting for us to launch these features, and we want our Rover customers to know we’re always working to improve the Rover.com experience.”

Download or upgrade your Apple or Android app today  and check out these great new features. And, if you have additional suggestions for new features in the Rover.com app or site, please let us know. Feel free to reach us at blog@rover.com.


It’s National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Hug a bulldog today–and every day! 


We see plenty of bulldogs here at Rover HQ, and this makes us very happy. And like Pugs and Dachshunds, we know they get their unfair share of discrimination based on looks alone. 

Bulldogs may not have a contingent of cheerleaders trying to raise awareness of potential discrimination against them at Westminster. (Did you see this story about Dachshunds  back in January?) They admittedly have it a bit rough and get judged on their sturdy physiques and tough-looking faces. No wonder so many schools use the bulldog as their mascot (here’s looking at you, Gonzaga, University of Georgia, and Georgetown).

Rover.com Blog // English Bulldog

But we think bulldogs’ jowl-y looks make them all that more lovable. The folks who declared April 21 National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day share the same feeling.

To celebrate the day, we suggest you check out some of the more well-known bulldogs of the Internet:
Sir Charles Barkley

…and definitely give a huge hug to the next bulldog you see!


Please vote! Rover.com is nominated for GeekWire Startup of the Year

You can help Rover.com win GeekWire’s Startup of the Year! 

By Erica Jorgensen

Dear Rover Sitters and Dog Owners,

We have some great news to share: Rover.com has been nominated for a GeekWire Startup of the Year Award!

GeekWire is a Seattle-based technology news website that has covered Rover news in the past (including this sweet feature on our in-house RoverCam).  This is the second year the prize will be awarded.

As GeekWire describes it, the Startup of the Year Award is “the region’s most anticipated and hotly-contested tech events.” We’re in good company—we’ve been nominated along with 4 other great Seattle-area startups.  

The most exciting part about this, though, is that you can help us win. The award will be given to the nominated company that earns the most votes through the GeekWire.com’s website. Here’s where we can use your help!

Simply visit the GeekWire site, select Rover.com, and hit enter. It’ll take just a few seconds!

Voting runs through April 30, and you can vote once a day, every day.

Rover.com blog: Rover is nominated for Geekwire's Startup of the Year 

Thanks for your support. We’ll let you know who the big winner is on Thursday, May 8, when the prize is given at Seattle’s Experience Music Project.

Here’s that link again: http://www.geekwire.com/2014/geekwire-awards-vote-startup-year-2/

Thanks for your help!


The Rover.com Team


Puppy training and the 100-in-12 rule

Use this easy-to-remember tip for puppy socialization

By Erica Jorgensen

Spring is the season for puppies. Puppy time flies by. So keep in mind that experts say you have a small window for socializing your little dog when it comes to puppy training.

Dog trainer Ian Dunbar, who founded the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, has an easy-to-remember guideline to follow when you’re getting out and about: He recommends that you help your puppy meet 100 new people before his 12-week birthday.

This might sound like an impossible feat when you’re up to your ears with puppy work, from house-training to puppy-proofing. But your pup can meet a number of people from a quick trip to the pet store for food (and not-yet-shredded toys!), or an hour at the park.

Rover.com blog // Boy playing with Black Lab puppy (Source: iStockphoto)

Dunbar and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers recommend a number of tips to help accomplish this 100-in-12 rule. Beyond trips to the park, it’s also easy to meet other puppy parents at obedience class. Holding a “puppy party” and inviting other young dogs to your house–along with their parents, and their children–is a great way to help socialize your dog.

If your pup is on the shy side, monitor how he or she reacts to larger groups. It may take time to get your dog accustomed to larger groups. Be patient. 

Did you keep track of how many dogs your pup met in his or her first months? Let us know in the comments.