Do You Live in One of America’s Most Dog-Friendly Cities?

America… a nation united by dogs. According to the Humane Society, 47% of households have at least one. Of course, some American cities outshine the rest when it comes to welcoming dogs. With ample outdoor space and cultural activities catering to canines, these are the most dog-friendly cities in America.





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Amazon’s cities with the most spoiled pets

Amazon just released its list of cities with the most spoiled pets, based on sales of treats and toys. today released its list of cities with the most pampered pets, based on pet-treat and pet-toy sales.

Miami took the top spot, with Seattle right behind at #2.

Maybe it’s because Miami’s weather is just too hot to justify lugging those boxes of dog treats and dog food. And Seattle’s drizzle might have gotten the best of Seattle dog owners, who have to put up with the hair-frizzing, shoe-muddying effects of our city’s weather. (At least, most of the year–not today, as it’s hitting 70 this afternoon and the city’s going berserk in an overjoyed, vitamin D-fueled happy fest.) blog: Amazon's list of cities with the most spoiled dogs

Here’s a list of the top 10 cities:

10. San Diego

9. Tucson, Arizona

8. Austin, Texas

7. Las Vegas

6. Washington, D.C.

5. Portland, Oregon

4. San Francisco

3. Atlanta

2. Seattle

1. Miami

Read the full list of cities from Amazon, and let us know what your favorite treat for spoiling your dog. And don’t forget that Memorial Day is right around the corner. Find a Rover sitter today.



Top 5 Dog Parks in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, has more dog parks within stick-throwing distance than most cities could ever hope for. But which Portland-area parks are most worthy of your Frisbee-throwing, fetch-playing time? And, perhaps most importantly, which are the best parks for letting your pup frolic free of that leash and harness?

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Rover Dog Sitter of the Week — David J. from Portland, OR!

Well, it’s that time again: time for another Rover dog sitter of the week! We are happy to introduce you to David J. from Portland, OR. A little over a year ago, this full-time, traveling sitter had an unexpected discovery that lead him to pursue what he believes he was truly meant to do—watch dogs for a living! Also working as an actor today, David has never been happier. When we talked with David, we knew we wanted to share his story with the Rover community. Today we are doing just that – here’s David J.!


David jackson

Thanks for joining us, David. You’ve been on Rover for quite some time now, haven’t you? When exactly did you start sitting?

Well, I joined Rover in August 2012, but my first sitting wasn’t until October 2012.

Wow that has been some time! You’re a full-time sitter as well. Was there any specific reason you decided to become a dog sitter?

I had sat for friends and already knew I had some Dr. Doolittle in me. At the prompting of a Mastermind partner, I did a life-goals exploration worksheet based on Joseph Campbell’s guidance to “Follow your bliss.” At the top of my list of People I Love to Be Around I put “Dogs.” I don’t (and can’t) have one and it was that worksheet that made me see my need to have them in my life.

You clearly do have a love for dogs. Has signing up for Rover fulfilled that need in your life?

It sure has! Soon what I like to call my “request from the universe” steered me to write “dog sitting” in the Craigslist search bar. It felt right. I set up a profile immediately, and not long after began to feel like I was in that scene from “Field of Dreams” when we see all those headlights snaking up the road to the baseball diamond in the cornfields. (Rover had built it, and here they came!)

What did you do before you signed up for Rover?

Before sitting full-time I was struggling as a commercial artist. Thanks to my new dog sitting career path I’m able to feed myself again and pay car insurance. At the same time I’m making lots of new canine friends, and know I make a difference in their lives – as they do in mine.

It sounds like you have truly found a lifestyle that fits you perfectly!

I love what I do now. I am also an actor and the Roving lifestyle allows me the flexibility to audition and accept roles. I couldn’t be happier!


Thanks for all your hard work as a sitter, David! It’s always a pleasure working with you, and we loved hearing your story. If you are a sitter and want to share your story, please feel free to reach out to us!


Pet Friendly Destinations

Your dog loves their Rover sitter, but sometimes you want to plan a special trip to bring along Fido. Our friends at share some tips about how to make the most of your pup-centric vacation, including scoping out dog friendly locations and utilizing Rover’s nationwide network of sitters while you’re there.

Planning a vacation with your best friend? Does that best friend happen to have fluffy fur and love the beach and/or strolls in the park? If you’re looking to bring your dog pal with you on your next vacation you’ll likely want to go somewhere known for pet friendly travel. Here is a lineup of some of the top U.S. destinations for pet owners!

carmel CA

Photo Credit: Flickr User William Dalton

Carmel, CA

Carmel, CA is one of most dog-friendly destinations worldwide. You’ll likely run out of space on your camera memory card snapping pictures of the white sand beaches and your puppy running in the water unleashed. That’s right, unleashed. Carmel is catered to dog lovers with dog specialty stores, dog art galleries and pet-friendly restaurants. But, when you want to go to that luxury restaurant, let a fellow pet lover from Rover take care of your dog for the night; you can resume beach roaming the next day.


Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, VA is a great destination for those who want to play outdoors with their pooch. In First Landing State Park, you can find a dog friendly beach and campground. With several dog parks and running trials, this is the perfect place to take your best friend out for some fresh air and bird chasing fun.

Say, however, you are planning on a day trip to the Outer Banks. Book a sitter on Rover so you can head out knowing your bud is in safe hands.


portland OR

Photo Credit: Flickr User Heather D

Portland, OR

The many dog parks in Portland, OR will make you want to get out and explore the city just to check out all the different spots your dog can run around. From Sellwood Riverfront Park to Thousand Acres Park to Powell Burnett Nature Park, you don’t have to worry about pulling on a leash because leashes aren’t required! Already known for being a liberal location, Portland is always open to new visitors, especially furry ones. Ah, but you want to go out for the night, so Rover to the rescue. Hit the bars and don’t worry, your puppy will be having just as much fun as you are!

san diego CA

Photo Credit: Flickr User TheHopscotch

San Diego, CA

If you want to check out a destination that has a beach completely dedicated to your dog, you must get to San Diego, CA. Dog Beach at Ocean Beach will definitely get your buddy his fill of running around in sand, splashing in the water, and making lots of new friends. Later, when you stroll the streets, you’ll be surrounded by a friendly crowd of dog lovers. But what to do when the beach is dog-friendly, but the amazing rental you found is not? No fear! You can live in your luxury rental AND have a great time with your dog during the day when you pick him up from his/her Rover sitter.

Find pet-friendly rentals in all places on And, don’t stress too much over pet-friendly places to stay, that’s where Rover comes in.


Virginia Beach:


San Diego: