Rover’s 2021 Holiday Shopping Report

Dogs will get to unwrap holiday gifts too

A cute puppy surrounded by pink, orange and green present doodles.

We know dog owners love treating their pups, and this holiday season is no different. Dog owners, on average, plan to spend £43.20 on each of their dogs this year. We have visions of new toys and tasty treats dancing in our heads, as these are the top two most likely gifts pet parents say they’ll get for their dogs.

Some people even plan to spoil their friends’ and family’s pets by spending, on average, £32.80 on other people’s pets at Christmas. Lucky dogs!

Dogs are joining family traditions

A corgi wearing a crown on a green and gray background

It’s one thing to say your dog is a member of the family, and it’s another thing entirely to truly treat them like one. Despite the fact that dogs shouldn’t eat things like salty foods, onions, or garlic, 46% of dog owners say they plan to cook their dog a special Christmas dinner. Not only that, but 1 in 4 dog owners will watch the Queen’s speech with their pups by their sides. We’ll toast to that!

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