These Are the Best Dog-Friendly UK Companies of 2021

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How to Make Your Office Dog Friendly

Employees have spoken and they want more dogs—and it’s not just for the cute factor. Whether your office is already dog friendly or you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got your back with tips and tricks to keep employees and their dogs happy, healthy, and motivated.

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Tips for Working From Home with Your Pet

Pets are a major perk for those who work from home. A few minutes of fetch with your pup or feather-and-string with your cat can brighten an otherwise exhausting day. But as any pet parent working from home knows, it’s not always easy. Fortunately, the pet parents at Rover’s HQ are pros at working alongside their four-legged friends and are sharing the tools of the trade that get them (and their pets) through the workday at home.

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Everything You Need to Bring Your Dog to the Office

Pets in the workplace can reduce stress and create an overall positive environment to work, as lots of pet parents discovered this year when the pandemic sent them to work from home with their four-legged friends. That said, it may not be a slam dunk to start taking your work-from-home buddy into the office, check out our list of things to consider before bringing your pup to your job.

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Is your company dog friendly?

Tell us about your company and we'll consider you for Rover's next annual Best Dog-Friendly Companies report. Visit the link below to tell us about your workplace.


Rover UK’s 2021 Best Dog-Friendly Companies Report is based on Rover’s proprietary ranking which polled the dog-friendly companies listed in this year’s report. Each company was awarded points based on key dog-centric benefits including, paid time off for new pet parents and pet bereavement and financial stipends for pet health insurance, adopting a new pet or to pay for pet care services. Company size was also factored into the Rover ranking under the premise that there are larger financial and operational implications of offering such benefits and perks at scale. If more than one company was awarded the same score based on their pet-related benefits, Rover ordered the list by companies with the larger employee count. Secondary data was collected through Rover consumer research conducted on 17th August 2021 via Pollfish, totalling 1,000 UK respondents and a separate study on 3rd June 2021 via Pollfish, totalling 500 UK dog owner respondents.

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