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About Rover

Rover is an online platform that connects pet parents with a network of independent pet care providers. We believe in the unconditional love of pets, and Rover exists to make it possible for everyone to experience this love in their lives. The Rover Service consists of a desktop Web application, mobile applications, and other related tools, support and services that pet owners (“Pet Owners”) and providers of pet care services (“Service Providers”) can use to find, communicate with, and interact with each other, including by booking and paying for such pet care services.

Rover is a neutral venue for Service Providers and Pet Owners. Rover is not a Service Provider and, except for emergency phone support and other resources and support specifically described in the Rover service, does not provide pet care services.

Listing Services on Rover

In order to list pet care services on Rover, Service Providers must create an account on Rover. They must also be at least 18 years old, complete an identity verification process, build a profile with details about their pet care experience, upload photos, take a safety quiz, request testimonials from past clients, and abide by all applicable and relevant laws and the Rover Terms of Service (the “Terms of Service”). Rover manually reviews all Service Provider profiles to ensure compliance with these terms before a Service Provider’s profile or service listings are posted on the Rover Service. Both professionals and non-professionals may list their services on Rover, provided they meet these requirements.

Removing Listings and Account Suspension/Deactivation

Rover may edit or remove any content a user posts on the Rover Service, including a Service Provider’s service listing(s) if, in Rover’s discretion, it violates Rover’s Terms of Service, in particular Section 7 (“Your Content”).

Rover may also suspend or terminate a user’s access to the Rover Service if, in Rover’s discretion, the user’s conduct on the Rover Service is inappropriate, unsafe, dishonest, in breach of Rover’s Terms of Service, or if Rover deems it necessary to protect Rover, its users, pets, or the public.

Search Results on Rover

Search results on the Rover Service are determined by a number of factors, including the factors below (although this is not an exhaustive list):

  • how closely a Pet Owner’s needs for a service match the Service Provider’s listed services and availability;
  • how frequently a Service Provider books Pet Owner requests;
  • how a Service Provider’s services were reviewed (and if applicable, re-booked) by Pet Owners;
  • how closely a Pet Owner’s request matches a Service Provider’s stated preferences; and
  • how quickly a Service Provider responds to requests from Pet Owners.

After search results are initially displayed, Pet Owners can apply filters to customize the list of results to their specific preferences.

Service Providers are not able to pay Rover to increase their position in search results.

Rover Service Fees

Rover does not charge a fee to create an account on the Rover Service, list pet care services as a Service Provider, or browse for pet care services as a Pet Owner. We do charge a service fee once a pet care service is booked on the Rover Service; these fees enable us to operate and improve our platform, facilitate secured payments between users, offer dedicated customer support 365 days a year, and provide the Rover Guarantee. Service Providers are charged a service fee that is equal to 15% of their rate per booking; this amount is deducted from their booking payment. Pet Owners are charged a service fee that is equal to 15% of the total cost of a booking; this amount is added to their booking and is charged when a service is booked. Rover's service fees are VAT-inclusive, where applicable, and Pet Owners will see these fees before they confirm and pay for a booking. For more information on Rover service fees, please review this article.

Payment Methods on Rover

Pet Owners may purchase pet care services from Service Providers via the Rover Service; these purchases must be made using a credit or debit card. The Pet Owner’s card is charged at the time of booking, and the Service Provider receives their payment approximately two days after the pet care service is complete. In the EU, Rover uses a third-party platform called Stripe to process all payments sent and received via the Rover Service.

Dispute Resolution

Rover encourages users of the Rover service to settle disputes directly and amicably with each other whenever possible. However, Rover does review disputes related to services booked and paid through the Rover service and reported to Rover Support within 28 days of the end of the service.

Rover's goal is to provide a place for sitters and pet owners to resolve problems together, and that means offering reasonable and positive solutions for everyone involved.

Rover Guarantee

Rover offers the Rover Guarantee for all services booked through Rover. The Rover Guarantee is our commitment to our users in the rare instance that something goes wrong during a booking.

The Rover Guarantee reimburses members of our community for costs arising from certain injuries or damages that occur during a service booked and paid through Rover. The injuries or damages must result from care provided during a Rover stay or walk, and the Guarantee reimburses in the event the sitter or walker is unwilling or unable to pay those costs.

To learn more about the Rover Guarantee, including more details on what is covered, minimum contributions, and limits, please review the Rover Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

The Rover Guarantee is not insurance, and it does not replace any insurance a Rover user may choose or be required to purchase in connection with their use of the Rover Service.

Your Rights and Obligations

Rights Related to Personal Data

Rover users have certain rights related to their personal data, as described in more detail in our Privacy Statement.

Rights of Pet Owners

The legal right of withdrawal provided under Article L 221-18 of le Code de la Consommation does not apply to pet care services purchased from non-professionals. However, a Pet Owner may cancel an upcoming booking and, depending on their Service Provider’s cancellation policy, the Pet Owner may receive a full or partial refund. If a Service Provider’s stated cancellation policy does not conform with their obligations under le Code de la Consommation, the Service Provider may contact Rover directly to modify or override their cancellation policy. For more information, please review this article.

The legal warranty of conformity provided under Article L 217-4 does not apply to pet care services booked using the Rover Service, as such warranty only applies to the provision of goods, not services.

Booking pet care services using the Rover Service forms a contract for the provision of a service between the Pet Owner and the Service Provider. As such, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code apply, including those under Article 1231.

Obligations of Service Providers

Service Providers on Rover may be required to declare their income generated from our site, and therefore be subject to certain tax and social security obligations.

Additionally, Service Providers who are professionals are required to fulfill their disclosure obligations to Pet Owners pursuant to Articles L 221-5 and L 221-6 of le Code de la Consommation. We remind Service Providers that if they are professionals but present themselves as non-professionals on the Rover Service, they may incur a prison sentence of two years and a fine of 300.000 Euros in accordance with Article L 132-2 of le Code de la Consommation.