Rover Protection Package

Show your dedication to providing safe, loving pet care by enrolling in the Protection Package. The Protection Package gives you an added layer of support as you're building your business. And the cherry on top: the more dogs you care for, the more it pays off.

Here's what the Rover Protection Package includes:

  • A safety tag

    Your safety tag includes an ID unique to you, as well as our Trust & Safety team's phone number. Put it on your Rover dog's collar at the beginning of a visit and take it off at the end. While it's rare for a dog to escape, this safety tag can help bring them home—safe and sound.

  • A one-year subscription to Ask A Vet

    Not sure if your Rover dog's tummy trouble is something serious? Contact a licensed veterinarian anytime, day or night, when you have a Rover dog in your care. You'll get up to five questions a year, a nearly $150 value.

  • Protection badge on your profile

    Show pet parents their pet's safety is your number-one priority.