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Poplar-Ludlow-Yorktowne, Philadelphia, PA

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About Rachel L.:

I am a pre-nursing student who is working part time in a hospital office while I complete my pre-requisite courses. I already received my BA in Anthropology from the University of Florida and volunteered for a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Philadelphia before going for this career change to nursing.

An avid dog lover, I frequently stop strangers in the street to play with their dogs, and wish I had the time & money to keep one of my own!

I grew up with multiple dogs in my home and really miss having one myself. My good friend who I am dog-sitting for (a bichon poodle with a broken pelvis) said that I should really consider doing this more often part time, and when I found this website I thought it would be a great opportunity!

Throughout the first 21 years of my life, my family has included a chow chow/german shepherd mix, pomeranians and a maltese. I've also spent a lot of time with the dogs of friends and extended family, so I am very comfortable with all types and sizes!

I have a firm hand, but I also love to spoil and snuggle dogs too (if they like it!). Just tell me your needs and guidelines and I will do my best to follow them to a T.

Rachel L.'s Experience:

+Grew up with 1-3 dogs in my home at a time.
+Am very aware of the ninja like skills dogs have with stealing your food & chewing up your clothes-- and how to outsmart them!
+While working at a senior center as a volunteer coordinator, I worked with a couple students and a nearby shelter to schedule occasional dog visits to interact with the seniors.

How long have you been a dog lover? Tell us about your history with dogs.

I've had a dog ever since I can remember. Before I was born, or soon after, I am pretty sure my family already owned an old chow chow named Benji. We bred him with another chow and kept two of their puppies (when I was about 5 or 6). We later had to give one away and Benji got sick from heart worm and passed away, but we kept one until I was 21 years old. Tiger. He was like family!

We also through time had one maltese, and a couple pomeranians, one of which is still alive and well. I've always felt comfortable with dogs, and the sneakier the better!

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her? Do you have any breed preferences?

I would like to know what the dog's personality is like! Friendly, standoffish, calm, excitable, etc. Also any particular things I should avoid-- like sounds or sights that alarm or scare them, or injuries they may currently be healing from. Best methods to calm them down are good too, as well as any standard methods of discipline you personally use. I don't have any particular breed preferences!

Are you comfortable administering medication?

Sure! I had to give a heart worm medication to my dogs before, as well as stuff for things like bronchitis. Peanut butter usually helps with the things they don't like!

Are you willing to do additional tasks at my home while I'm away
(e.g., water plants, bring in the mail)?

Absolutely! Pet sitting is almost the same as house sitting. I don't mind doing small tasks like that.

How much time do you plan on spending with my dog each day?

I will spend as much time with your dog as I can. Some days I have work in the daytime, or classes (depending on my schedule) but I will be up front about the time available. Most evenings I will be free to hang out with your dog and give him/her as much attention as possible. I love relaxing or studying with a dog by my side.

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2 Reviews

Deirdre F.

February 20

Friendly, down-to-earth and my dog took to her right away! I will feel very comfortable leaving my dog with her!

Ellen T.

October 22

Rachel kept my 2 pups this past weekend, and I returned home to find them very happy and still quite exhausted. Rachel sent me text updates throughout the visit, which I greatly appreciated. I'll definitely book with her in the future, and would recommend her without hesitation.