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Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ

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  • First Aid/CPR
About Jordana:

I have been working as a pet sitter in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley for about 5 years now. I've cared for everything from dogs of all sizes to cats, birds, bunnies, & horses. I have worked with horses for well over 10 years, am pet CPR certified, & have experience in grooming & boarding shops as well. I know that having experience in all these fields does not make me the best out there, but I feel that I excel when & where it counts. You can be prepared for anything & still be surprised to learn something new every day. I have a Westie-Poodle mix, 1 cat, & a fish tank & when it comes to having someone care for them, I want someone who gets it. By "gets it" I mean, someone with understanding, a love for their own animals, & respect for the way I would do things in my own home. When you decide to invite someone into your home, I understand it is a trusting gesture & often a nervous time. My goal is to make all clients happy customers & to put you at ease so you can focus on your time away. My rates vary from $30-$50 all depending on distance & number & types of animals. I can work with any family & situation. Capital gain for me is not the goal in this career choice, it is however clients who can depend on me for anything, new friends, & above all happy pets.

Why I love dog sitting
My family has always had dogs as pets as far as I can remember. We have also had horses, goats, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and fish. I grew up with a love of animals. I grew from a little girl wanting to be a veterinarian to majoring in and working an internship with Game and Fish. I feel the preservation and protection of wildlife and animals has always been my passion. I currently work with horses and am an avid pet sitter.

My experience administering medication
I am 100% capable and willing to administer medication if necessary. I have given pills and liquids on a schedule, insulin shots, and most other basic medications. I have also picked up medications from a vet office before if it was necessary.

What Jordana needs to know about your dog

I do enjoy meeting new clients and their pets before sitting them, but it is not necessary in case of an emergency. I have no preferences or restrictions of any animal as to what I watch and I am also capable of taking in (dogs only) to my own home with no problem.

When Jordana cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
When I make daily visits, it is all up to my clients on when and how many times they would like me to visit or stay with their pet. If I am to stay overnight, I would be home as close to the normal schedule kept in the household to keep your pet at ease and as always, I will be there however long as you would like me to be.

Extra house-sitting services
I am always willing to do any other tasks asked of me including, but certainly not limited to: picking up mail, watering plants indoors and out, moving trash cans, answering phones and taking messages if necessary, light cleaning and organizing, walks, pet clean up of any kind, picking up anything while you are gone, and/or running errands.

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Ryan T.

March 27

Kandi C.

March 27
Jordana is my petsitter/housesitter overnights. Jordana is great with my animals and gives me peace of mind when I am traveling. I get text and phone updates as well as pictures of what the babies are doing. They are well cared for, giving pleanty of treats and lots of love. I highly recommend Jordana for anyone who has pet or house sitting needs. Everything is organized when you return as if you never left.

Keegan B.

April 25
Jordana is the only person I would ever trust with my dog. She is very responsible, clean, and caring. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

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