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  • Hiro (Labrador Retriever) 2 years, 1 month old in Seattle, WA


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About Hiro

HIRO’s dad is a yellow Labrador retriever, (Attached picture I put HIRO’s daddy) and moms is black Labrador retriever( attached picture I put HIRO’s mommy ) , all of his siblings came out all black Labrador retriever 14 counts including hiro,found it uniquel,it’s rare..,I drove nearly 4 hours to go get hiro in Long Beach WA.from a breeder who is also a vet technician.my first Pup was a shitzu Pomeranian and I got him at a shelter, had him for nearly 12 years.i have hiro since he was 6 weeks old .. he is a pure black Labrador retriever, he is very protective by his owner but friendly , affectionate and active .. he can also get excited meeting new dogs at first ..but after that he will just be friendly, mind his own business or just wants to play have fun with other dogs, FYI :....Hiro is not neutered yet because it was his vet request not too, not until he get treated ,he suffered from Severe skin condition/ allergy,his vet told us to wait for 6 months before neutering.because he needed to be treated first for his skin allergy.it was so severe, he can’t go play with other pups,he won’t eat much and it causes hair loss, he was on injection treatment to block signals that trigger itch, and if we decide to neuter him at the same time he will need to go under anesthesia which is not safe to do together at the same Time( injection treatment & anesthesia ).as HIRO’s mom it hurt to see him suffer.that time I could hear him whining every night , I felt his pain,After HIRO’s treatment his skin/hair looks way better!!! his hair grows back,he is more active and happy, he might still have a little skin spot that causes the allergy under his paws but it’ is slowly going away.it was a long journey for us but hiro was a fighter,& for me it’s all worth it! hiro is very smart and he listens very well..now is a happy dog and just wanna play with everyone around him .. he feels way better and finally got treated already, he is also up to date with all of his vaccination and he is ready to get neutered soon ! Thank you !

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 years, 1 month old
  • Weight: 87 lbs
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Neutered: No
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: Yes
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
    He gets along with all kinds and sizes of dog but at first he will just be excited to meet new pups.! After that he just wanna play with everybody .. !
  • Gets along with cats: No
    Honestly he never encounter cat before , so I don’t really know how he is around cats...0