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fayetteville, GA

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Erica H. provides

Traveling Sitting

from $20 per night
Within a few days Sitter responds within a few days
About Erica:

Exceptional care for your pet, including geriatric pets or any special needs pets. Over 10 years experience caring for many types of pets as well as exotic animals. Providing care for all animals, dogs, cats, reptiles,fish, birds, horse, ect. I'm friendly, reliable & trustworthy.
Specialize in socialization skills with rescued pets and large bully breed dogs.

Exotic pet handling and care available, send your request

Doggie Daycare/ Dog Training Starting @
$20 per day

Daily visits to YOUR HOME, starting @ $20-visit/day $35- 2 visits/day $50 - 3 visits/day
Includes cleaning, feeding, administering meds, walking, training, brushing, and lots of love (cuddling & petting) bathing if requested

Overnight house-sitting provided in YOUR HOME, starting @ $50 per night

Water plants, mail and newspaper p/u and trash taken out included in house-sitting.

Send details of pet sit dates, along with your phone number and city.

Excellent Refs.

Find me on Facebook : A Pawfect Love Pet Sitting

Why I love dog sitting
Having a strong background in working with rescued pets, I've worked with many different breeds and temperments. Having been a successful foster homes to many so called "un-adoptable dogs" that I have been able gain trust and build confidence in. I stronlg believe in positive reinforcement as being a responsible pet owner.

What Erica needs to know about your dog

Special case pets, such as a very timid or aggresive behavior, bully breeds, helping to bring a new pet home

When Erica cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
30 min.+

This sitter accepts:
Clients within: 10 miles (see map)
Cancellation Policy:

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Richard M.

April 7
After meeting Erica I had the utmost confidence in trusting her with the care of my rednose Ozzy. Erica is confident, compassionate, loving, and understanding. She has an amazing talent with dogs. I recommend her 110%.

Jason V.

April 7
Erica is without a doubt the most passionate animal lover I have ever met in my life. Erica would do anything and give anything to see a homeless animal find a good home. Erica is a genuine person with a big heart.

Teather N.

July 26

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