Elizabeth E. - Cat sitter/ Dog Walker/ Fish Feeder

Southside, Fort Worth, TX

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About Elizabeth:

Hi there, I love animals of all kinds, from the tiniest lizard to the biggest elephant! I would love to take care of YOUR pets when you aren't able to! I'm a (fairly) recent college grad from the University of Dallas (with a degree in French!), and I currently do part-time promotions and event work, which gives me the perfect schedule for taking care of your furry (or slimy, feathered, or scaly) friends!

I grew up with cats, a rottweiler, a cockatoo, fish and a hamster. I've rescued 9 dogs found on the street, a sheep, a turtle, and one very baby kitten who is now all grown up and currently lives with me and another rescue kitty. I've also rescued a pregnant mama cat and cared for her and her five kittens before finding homes for them all and another abandoned girl who had a skin condition and was attacked by the local stray population. All are safe, happy and healthy now. I rode horses for years and am comfortable around any animal. I'm not squeamish about animals with special needs or administering medication either.
I'm looking to help out pets and their people in the Ryan Place and Fairmount neighborhoods of Fort Worth.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Why I love dog sitting
I've loved dogs since day one! While my parents have only owned one dog, I "adopted" neighborhood dogs and frequently asked if they could "come out to play" in addition to my friends! I brake for strays and to date have rescued over ten dogs. When a client at my day-job said they were looking for someone to care for their pets, I jumped at the chance and have been doing so for friends and neighbors ever since, 11 years now.
I don't only love dogs! I'm an equal opportunity animal lover. :)

My experience administering medication
YES, I am absolutely comfortable administering medication.

What Elizabeth needs to know about your dog

No breedism here! I like all animals!

When Elizabeth cares for your dog in your home

Time I'll spend with your dog
We'll tailor this to your needs! I generally spend 30 min to an hour with each visit - sometimes longer in the evenings.

Extra house-sitting services
YES - just let me know what you need!

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Elizabeth has been taking care of my two girls for two years now and I couldn't be happier. She even took great care of my older dog after her surgery when she needed careful attention and pain medication. I've recommended her to several of my friends and they all love her too.

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