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About Jax, Santana and Bourke

  • Jax is a 4 year, 2 mo. old Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Potomac, MD
  • Santana is a 8 year, 1 mo. old Puggle in Potomac, MD
  • Bourke is a 10 year old Cat in Potomac, MD


Jax, Santana and Bourke's Owner

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About Jax

Jax has been our pup since he was 8 weeks old and prior to that he was a friend's puppy. So I've known him just shy of 5 weeks old! He loves everyone he meets, he's just a bit hyper the first 5 min of meeting them. He's also a jumper and a very strong puller on walks, (hence the metal collar you see in some of the pictures). He by no means wears that unless we are going out in public or are expecting company. He is a very sweet boy though and thinks he's a lap dog! He loves to give kisses and hugs whether its on command or on his own accord. Once he meets you, he loves you for life! All he wants is ALL your attention! He can be a little rough sometimes though, especially while playing or climbing into your lap, so if you have children, just keep an eye on them together, especially around our pool, as Jax has a tendency to knock little ones over. He's also a jealous boy. He can't stand for anyone to pet or love on our Puggle, Santana, so he comes bulldozing over, usually right between your legs, to let you know he's here too and wants to get some attention. Jax is aggressive with other dogs though, so I try to walk him in the very early morning or late at night, once all the other neighborhood dogs are inside in bed. Unless you're very strong and think you can handle both him and Santana should you see another dog, I suggest you do the same thing. For the most part though, letting him out to play in our backyard is more than enough, especially if you go out there and play tag/chase, soccer, fetch, or something along those lines with him too. He does loooove going for a walk though. So much so that it's hard to get him back inside. He is a good boy though. All he wants is to play and have your attention. And don't be alarmed if Jax and Tana are playing a little rough, that's just what they do. Santana wears the pants around here and will put Jax in his place if he needs to. If they are getting a little too rough, you can intervene and break it up. Neither of them will hurt or bite you. I just get between them and separate them with my leg. Sometimes I do have to pull Tana off of Jax though because he's so into rough-housing with him that he doesn't notice me yelling at him and trying to break them apart.

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 4 years, 2 mo. old
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Tracking Chip: No
  • Neutered: No
  • House Trained: Yes
    Yes and no. He knows to go outside, but marks all over the house if he doesn't go out every couple hours. When I'm home we go out almost every hour so he is use to that. Not that I'm saying I'd ever expect a sitter to do that, but he pees in the house every single time we are gone for more than 3-4 hours or more.
  • Gets along with children: Yes
    Jax loves all people! But he's a little rough, like a bull in a china shop, so I suggest keeping an eye on him with your kids b/c he's notorious for knocking them down. And with having a pool in our backyard, it is a dangerous situation especially with toddlers and little ones who don't walk/stand/balance themselves so well yet.
  • Gets along with other dogs: No
    He is very territorial so for now I will only be going to the client's home for stays and visits.
  • Gets along with cats: No

About Santana

Santana is the sweetest, most loving and loyal pup I have ever met! He is my little chuncker! He loves his belly rubs and loves sitting out in the sun being brushed even more! He follows me everywhere I go and is always hot on my heels! So much so that he gets bumped in the chin by my heels constantly. The saying "always under foot" was made for him! Santana is such a good boy too. He listens really well and knows what will get him in trouble and what won't. The only time he shows any aggression is when you try to take a treat from him. He will warn you first, which tells me he doesn't want to bite you but he will bite if you don't leave him alone. It's the only time you really have to watch out with him! When he plays, he growls but it's a playful growl. He only gets aggressive with Jax while playing if Jax tries to take his toy. For the most part he just growls playfully with people tho. He is also a very good guard dog as far as noises go. He barks at everything he hears that doesn't sound normal to him. It can be an acorn falling on our sunroom's roof or our neighbors outside talking. Doesn't matter what he hears, he will run around the house barking like a maniac until you tell him it's ok a couple times. He's also my little hunter/scavenger! He runs out of our back door barking and chasing any rabbits, birds and squirrels he sees! He's always sniffing around the backyard trying to find something. I still don't know what that something is but he's always on the hunt for it! My little Tana is such a good listener tho that I can take him outside without a leash and put him in the car or just let him sit with me on the porch. However, should he see another dog or human, he will run to it so you have to survey your surroundings first. I can almost always tell before we go out if he's already heard something that he wants to get to so I have a pretty good idea if he's going to bolt or not. Even if he does, he's not an aggressive dog with stange dogs and people. He loves everyone and everything! Oh! And he is such a little snuggler too! He loves to get on the couch or into the bed with me and press his head into my chest and snuggle so close that it hurts sometimes! Over all, he is a super easy dog to care for! And if for some reason he's not listening, all you have to do is get the bag of chicken jerky, which I have on hand 99% of the time, and shake the bag and tell him you have it and he will come running!

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 8 years, 1 mo. old
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Breed: Puggle
  • Tracking Chip: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
    This pup will hold his per until he explodes! On occasion, he will poop in the house if he doesn't get to go outside in time.
  • Gets along with children: Yes
  • Gets along with other dogs: Yes
  • Gets along with cats: Yes
    As far as I know he does. When he's with me and my cat he does fine. But as soon as my pittie is near by he starts acting like him towards my cat, which is barking and growling and trying to jump up to where she's hiding in the closet.

About Bourke

Bourke (aka Bourkie Baby) is a sweet domestic short hair cat. I raised her from the age of 2 weeks old when she was found on my fiance's parent's property and her momma was no where to be found. I took her in and bottle fed her every two hours throughout the day and night and raised her into the happy, healthy, friendly domestic cat she is today! She is very easy to care for since we always leave two bowls of food out for her in our bedroom, which is her palace. She is definitely the queen around here and keeps our two pups in check. Which, by the way, she does not get along with. Before letting our dogs in the bedroom we have to make sure Bourkie is not down from her shelf in the far closet, where her bed, two water bowls and one of her two food bowls reside. She is terrified of the dogs because they go after her every chance they get. When Santana is by himself, without Jax in tow, he is fine with Bourke, but together they gang up on her. She will however, always win that battle as she has claws as sharp as razorblades. She is a very good cat who loves to snuggle at night and for the most part will curl up next to me on the bed each night. She looooves to be brushed and pet and scratched, especially her head, face and nose. She gets so excited when being pet or brushed that sometimes she starts to drool! But be forewarned- she also gets so excited that she will latch on to your arm with her claws and kick her back legs leaving you bruised and battered, so just be careful. She doesn't intend to hurt you she just gets so excited that she can't control herself. I can tell tho when she's about to do this and thats when her brushing/petting session ends. I also tell people to be careful when reaching down to pet her belly or pick her up when she's lying on her side or back becausc she will usually do the same thing if she doesn't want to be messed with or feels threatened. She will also hiss and growl too when not wanting attention but you try to mess with her. And because of this, I recommend watching your children around her. She likes kids, all people really, but when she's done, she's done. She has scratched my nephew and my friend's daughter and it hurts, believe me, I know! She will, however, never bite you. Scratch/claw you when overly excited or irritated- yes but bite you- no. In 8 years shes only bitten me once and I don't remember why. Overall she is a very good, sweet and easy going kitty. She also loves to play and loves her scratching post! Especially when I put kitty nip on it! Her only other downfall is she likes to eat string and ribbon so if caring for her please double check that there's nothing around she can get into and eat because she did this once and almost died on me. Her birthday is 3 days after mine and I had received a balloon from my sister on my birthday and on her 1st birthday she got very very sick, throwing up constantly so I took her to the vet and they found out she had 6 inches of the balloon ribbon wrapped up in her intestimes, cutting off the blood and oxygen. She ended up having to have a major surgery that cost me almost $3,000 so it is very imperative that she does not get into any string or ribbon because she WILL eat it! You will really enjoy caring for her tho, as she has so much love and snuggles to give!

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Breed: Cat
  • Tracking Chip: No
  • Spayed: Yes
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Gets along with children: Yes
    Yes, but just watch your kids with her because when she's really excited or irritated she has a tendency to bring out her razor sharp claws!
  • Gets along with other dogs: No
    No she is afraid of dogs for the most part
  • Gets along with cats: Yes
    Yes, she has lived with other cats before and was ok with them. She stays hidden in my bedroom though.

Special Requirements

No special requirements for this kitty! She is very easy to care for!