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Sitterprofilbild: Kalliopi & Michal S.
Identität verifiziert
Sitterprofilbild: Kalliopi & Michal S.
Identität verifiziert

1. Kalliopi & Michal S.

Bunhub - Where furry & feathery meet
Münster, 48149
46.7 km. entfernt
Betreuung über Nacht, Haussitting, Fütter- & Spielbesuche, Tagesbetreuung, Gassi-Service
5.0 von 5 Sternen
2 Bewertungen
11 €
pro Fütter- & Spielbesuch

Über: Hallo! We are Michal and Kelly, MSc and PhD students who just moved to Münster with our rabbit Nesquik! We love spending time with animals and it's a passion neither of us could live without. Caring for animals comes naturally to us and we strongly believe there is nothing more rewarding than having this special bond. Michal's experience Ciastek, my furry brother, has been with me since I was 15 years old. He is a street rescue, found in a trap, and is now living comfortably with my family. We treat him like a proper king ! Throughout my life, I have had the joy of having many animal friends (parrots, dogs, gerbils and guinea pigs). I also have professional experience with dogwalking, dogsitting and boarding. Over the past year, I have cared for a big young Goldendoodle, named Louie, whom I have bonded with immensely. Him being a big unneutered male posed some challenges in caretaking which made me grow and become fully confident in my ability of taking care of large dogs. Here is an extract from a reference from Louie's owners: '' Not only did Michal fulfill his responsibilities with professionalism, but he also took the initiative to engage Louie in activities, to work around his limitations and aggression towards other male dogs ensuring he received both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Louie being an extra big dog makes taking care of him a hard job, but Michal was very reliable with him. '' Kelly's experience I am doing my PhD on animal welfare and have a long personal and professional experience caring for rodents and small animals. My skills include administering medication and various treatments. I have often cat sitted for my friends and I enjoy caring for cats as well! I own a 6 year old bunny,her name is Nesquik, and she is free roaming, living comfortably in her own room in our house. Kelly is free every day after 5 and Michal is currently looking for an internship so he is fully available throughout the week and weekends! Keeping company, meticulously ensuring that your pet is fed and provided with fresh water regularly, guaranteeing their comfort and health throughout their stay; as well as immediatelly addressing any signs of distress. We have a big communal park/garden right outside our house and we are very close to natural reserves.

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