I'm concerned about sitter stealing goods or personal information from us. Any thoughts on how to protect ourselves?

asked 2016-02-17 19:56:11 -0600

Concerned about theft

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definitely take precautions. Sitter stole from me After fact thoughts: put keyed locks on all interior doors to bedrooms. Definitely have cameras that record to cloud with real time viewing. Get Ring doorbell to record coming and going. Call sitter when you know they are in house

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Also get re-keyable front door key by Kwickset and change immediately when you get home. All other doors should not use that key

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AND have pictures of all valuables to show police

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answered 2016-02-17 20:17:39 -0600

Your best protection when hiring anyone who will have access to your pets, home, and belongings is being diligent in your selection. This includes reading the sitter's full profile, paying special attention to reviews. Look for sitters with multiple verified stays (stays booked through Rover), and sitters who have repeat clients (displayed in the search listings). These indicate the sitter has clients who were happy enough with the sitter's care that they have hired them through Rover multiple times. Look to see if a sitter has passed a background check (a shield-shaped badge with a check mark, visible in the search listings and on their profile page). Most importantly, have a meet and greet with any potential sitter so you can get a good feeling for them as a person. Be up front about your expectations and ask the sitter whatever questions you need to make yourself feel more comfortable. And keep in mind that the vast majority of sitters on this site are responsible animal lovers who would never consider behaving irresponsibly with your pets or belongings.

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answered 2016-02-26 08:32:08 -0600

If you are that concerned - perhaps you should leave your dog(s) with a sitter for any time you are away. You drop off you pet, and pick up when you return. There is no need for the sitter to be at your house under this scenario.

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answered 2016-02-26 16:12:44 -0600

If this is a concern for you, then you have options.

  • You can have your pup(s) stay with a sitter at their home.
  • Be diligent in your decision of a sitter if you want the stay to be at your home, rather than a sitters home. A Meet and Greet should be standard, check to see if they have a verified Background check badge on their profile from Rover, or install a security system with cameras of sort.

I have stayed at several homes for pups that are just more comfortable in their own home, which is understandable of course, and some of them have had cameras installed. None of this bothered me, they told me where they were (which made me feel better about being watched), and I am not the kind of person to steal or snoop anyways :)

You always have options when it comes to Rover, it is just deciding which is best for you and your pup(s).

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answered 2016-02-26 00:10:35 -0600

As an experienced sitter, I am just as worried about new clients having access to my personal information, bank account, etc. Rover helps with this by payment going through them (No checking account numbers to strangers), contact information going through Rover, so both client & sitter don't have to give phone number or email address.
I watch dogs in my home as well as visit clients' homes. One client has security cameras all over the house, which doesn't bother me, since I have no intention of doing anything wrong. If you are that concerned, maybe you should invest in security cameras & make sure people that enter are aware that they are being watched. Just a suggestion.
Blessings to you, SusanBG

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