Does the rover.com show somehow that the owner made a deal with someone else?

asked 2017-07-14 07:09:05 -0600

So I know that the owners usually contact several sitters at a time. If the owner has already agreed with someone else, am I going to know if the owner doesn't tell me?

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answered 2017-07-18 12:00:10 -0600

Like Jennifer mentioned, there's no way to know how many they've contacted. I always try to respond immediately, and suggest a meet and greet for as soon as possible. They're more likely to book with the person they meet with first, assuming it goes well. At the M&G, I generally ask if they are ready to book. If they want to wait, I point out how great it is that they are taking the time to find a good match for their pup (makes it less awkward for them),and then I remind them that I can't hold their spot unless the stay is booked. So, I generally suggest a time for me to check back in. This lets them know you're a good sport and are genuinely interested in creating a relationship with your clients. "I'll touch base with you early next week, and we can go from there. If my schedule fills up in the meantime, I will definitely let you know"

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answered 2017-07-20 21:55:29 -0600

No, there is no way to know. But a good way to go above and beyond is to check back with them in a few days. I always drop requesters a line before I archive them, just letting them know I'm thinking of them and ask them if they were able to find a sitter and that I'm still here if they need anything.

Even if they did book with someone else, that can go a long way in the future if that sitter doesn't work out or becomes unavailable. You never know when that relationship will work in your favor!

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