Rover Core Values

Our mission

We believe in the unconditional love of pets, and Rover exists to make it possible for everyone to experience this love in their lives. As we strive to achieve this mission, we use the following principles to guide us in how we conduct our business and ourselves.

Commitment to our community

We do our very best, every day, to serve the needs of sitters, owners, and their pets, so they feel a part of our community. Their safety and well-being is top priority.

No office politics

We lean in to the hard stuff, own our decisions, and prioritize business goals over short-term career interests. We have respect for transparency and reverence for vulnerability, and we tell it how it is—including about ourselves.

Intentional balance of pace and precision

We rely on data and analysis to drive decisions, and we’re deliberate about balancing speed with the risk of error. And when it’s time to go fast, we move. We’re not intimidated by failure, accepting occasional errors of action as evidence of momentum.

Focus on Impact

We don’t waste time and we don’t waste money. We value results, not just insights or effort.

Discipline in the way we debate

We get the right people involved in key conversations. When we spot a problem, we propose a solution. We believe that the best business outcomes come from a diverse set of perspectives. And when the decision owner makes a call, we lock arms to support its success.

Devotion to each other as people

We’re driven by seeing our people succeed and grow. Families and life events come first, and we make space for fun and celebration. We’re committed to building a culture of inclusivity and diversity, and ensuring everyone contributes to their fullest potential.

Relentless pursuit of inspiring outcomes

We’re determined to do our jobs better than they’ve ever been done, and we inspire each other by pushing past our own perceived limitations—with the full knowledge that doing so will be uncomfortable.

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