Rover Core Values

We believe in the unconditional love of dogs, and Rover exists to make it possible for everyone to experience this love in their lives. As we strive to achieve this mission, we use the following principles to guide us in how we conduct our business and ourselves.

Relentless focus on dog safety and sitter quality.

We strive to be the dog owner’s safest option for dog care.

Obsession with the needs of sitters and owners.

We do whatever it takes to solve our customers’ problems. Period.

Prioritization of business goals above short-term personal career interests.

No politics. We kick ass at tasks we hate if that’s what it takes to move Rover forward.

Commitment to operational excellence.

We are determined to do our jobs better than they have ever been done.

Focus on impact.

We don’t waste time and we don’t waste money. We value results, not just insight or effort.

Action, not intimidated by failure.

We accept occasional errors of action as evidence that we are constantly accelerating.

Results that blow people away.

We inspire each other by crushing our assignments.

Discipline in the way we debate.

We make sure the right people are in the room and we answer questions directly. When we identify problems, we also propose a solution, and when we disagree, we offer counter-suggestions.

Respect for transparency and reverence for vulnerability.

We expect each other to “put it out there,” and we honor these moments.

Resolve to be effective above the need to be comfortable.

We don’t let ourselves off the hook, and we prioritize each other’s effectiveness over comfort.

Devotion to each other as people.

Families, personal emergencies, and life events trump business matters every time.

Celebration of humor, fun, and occasional irreverence.

We strive to be serious performers, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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