The Fastest Growing Dog-Friendly Cities

Where in the United Kingdom Are Dog Parents Are Moving To?

There is hope for dog parents looking to move, particularly in the 20 fastest growing dog-friendly cities in the UK. These are places where the number of dog parents are settling and the demand for pet care services is increasing: 

The top 20 fastest growing dog-friendly cities in the UK

While cities like London are notoriously a hot spot for urban dogs, some of the cities on the list might surprise you. Where pet parents relocated in the last two years was influenced by pandemic-related movements like working from home and wanting more space (like a house with a fenced yard).

The Top Cities

City Country
Cardiff Wales
Bristol England
Reading England
Brighton and Hove England
Sheffield England
Bath England
Bournemouth England
Glasgow Scotland
Edinburgh Scotland
Cambridge England
Gloucester Scotland
Newcastle England
Manchester England
Oxford England
Woking England
Watford England
Leeds England
Liverpool England
Birmingham England
London England

Despite High Demand, Pet Parents Are Finding it Challenging to Get a Pet-Friendly Rental

For renters, finding that perfect home can get complicated. Even if they find a rental listed as dog-friendly, 75% of pet parents find that these homes are challenging to rent due to breed and/or size restrictions or a limit on the number of pets allowed. And for the majority (60%) of dog parents, expensive pet deposits and fees are the number one challenge when renting with a dog. 

75% of pet parents claim that it's challenging to find a pet-friendly rental

But Pet Parents Are Willing to Pay More For a Dog-Friendly Home

Not only will the majority of pet parents move house to better accommodate their dogs, 85% are willing to actually spend more to buy or rent a home with pet-friendly features. These include things like a fenced yard, dog door, and close proximity to a dog park. 

85% of dog parents are willing to spend more on a dog-friendly home

Of these pet parents, 34% are willing to spend 5% more, 29% will spend 10% more, 11% will spend between 10-20% more, and a small group, 11%, would spend any amount to make sure their new home has the pet-friendly features they’re looking for.

When it comes to getting your dream flat for both your pet and you, you may want to employ the services of an estate agent who oversees pet-friendly rentals. Be sure to outline your offer and what you’re willing to negotiate on upfront. Whether that is additional rent or an extended lease, these factors may help you land your dream home.

Methodology: A rank of UK cities based on their growth rate of new dog accounts between March 2020 and March 2022, from Rover’s database. A Rover survey of 1,000 dog parents in the UK conducted in March 2022, via Pollfish.

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