Tips for Dog Proofing Your Home

When the decision is made to make a new pet part of the family, providing a safe environment for them is important. Steps should be taken to prepare your home and yard for your new family member in order to eliminate any dangers. Preparing your home for a new puppy or other pet is similar to baby proofing your home. New pets are inquisitive by nature, and will want to investigate everything, including those things that could be dangerous. It is up to you as a responsible pet owner to make sure each room of your home provides a safe environment for your beloved pet.

Dog Proofing Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to house dangerous items such as cleaning supplies, medications, and other chemicals. These are two rooms where dog proofing is imperative. To keep pets safe in the kitchen and the bathroom, consider the following:

  • Place items such as cleaning supplies, medication, and laundry soaps on high shelves.
  • Keep all food out of reach of your pet as some items can be dangerous for consumption and even if the food does not pose a threat, the packaging could be a problem.
  • Keep trash cans securely covered so that pets cannot get into garbage.
  • Consider installing childproof latches on cabinets, as some pets are not only curious but quite clever.
  • Make sure your pet hasn't jumped into the dryer for a nap before turning it on.
  • Look for and block up any small spaces such as holes in cabinets, or small spaces behind the washer and dryer.
  • Keep the toilet lid down to prevent pets from potentially drinking harmful chemicals.

Dog Proofing The Living Room

While the kitchen and bathroom might pose some of the most serious threats to pets, the family room also contains items that could be dangerous. To make sure pets are safe in the living room, consider the following:

  • Move house plants out of reach and better yet, make sure that any plants placed in your home or yard are safe for your pet and do not pose the threat of poisoning.
  • Check and make sure that any air or heating vents have proper covers.
  • Keep dangling wires from televisions, lamps, stereos, and other items out of reach of pets.
  • Put away any breakable items such as knick knacks that your new pet can knock over and break.
  • Put away any kids games or toys that contain small pieces which can be a choking hazard to your curious pet.

Dog Proof The Bedroom

Not a lot has to be done in most bedrooms in order to dog proof, however there are a few steps that can be taken to make your bedroom safer for your pet.

  • Keep any lotions, medicine, or cosmetics that might be on a bedside table, out of reach.
  • Place any electrical wires in an area where your puppy can't access and chew on them.
  • Keep shoes and laundry out of reach of pets as strings and buttons can pose a choking hazard and potentially even more serious issues if ingested.
  • Make sure pets are not sleeping in closets or drawers before shutting them.

Dog Proof The Garage & Backyard

Just as with the kitchen and bathroom, the garage and backyard can be home to a number of items that are dangerous for pets. If your pet will be spending any time in the garage or the backyard, consider doing the following:

  • Clean the floor of the garage to ensure that chemicals such as antifreeze are nowhere to be found. Chemicals such as these can cause death if ingested.
  • Move any chemicals in the garage to either high shelves or a closet space that can't be accessed by pets.
  • Keep tools and other sharp objects in places where pets cannot access them.
  • Make sure any plants in your garden are safe for pets.
  • Check the fence for any holes or spaces where your pet might be able to squeeze through and patch them up or considering boarding the spaces.

Tips For Dog Proofing Your Home: