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Sitterprofilbild: Gökçe A.
Identität verifiziert
Sitterprofilbild: Gökçe A.
Identität verifiziert

1. Gökçe A.

Student,cat owner
Bamberg, 96052
29.6 km. entfernt
Betreuung über Nacht, Haussitting, Fütter- & Spielbesuche, Gassi-Service
5.0 von 5 Sternen
3 Bewertungen
2 Folgebuchungen von von Haustierbesitzern
13 €
pro Fütter- & Spielbesuch

Über: Hello, my name is Gökçe. I am 26 years old. I'm from Turkey and studying at Flensburg University but I'm writing my master's thesis and living in Bamberg. I love spending time with puppies and cats and unfortunately, I do not have any pets here. that's why I am using this application. To tell my past experiences I can say I still have two cats at my home in Turkey. I grew up and have always been with puppies and cats therefore, I am used to spending time with pets. Additionally, I have been working for the support and protection of animal rights in Turkey since 2015. During the time I was studying there, I was feeding cats in the streets and on the university campus, trying to find them safe places, organizing charity events to get donations to provide food and health care for the street cats and dogs in Ankara the city I lived in, and doing whatever I could to help our little friends as much as I can. That's all about me and please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about me. I am willing to provide a good service for you. Thank you for looking at my profile. Have a nice day! I am writing my master's thesis and I am usually at home and only working two days a week. I am very flexible and punctual about appointments. I would rather prefer to care for your pets in my client's home but my home where I am living with my bf is always welcome for our furry friends.

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