How to book separate M-F drop in visits for same client?

asked 2015-11-29 08:41:30 -0500

I have a new client who wants drop in visits Monday thru Friday only, for the entire month of December. The app quoted her 31 visits for the entire date range, instead of 23 for just the M-F days. Is there a way to book intermittent days like this in the same stay so she only has to pay once? Also want to have the entire date range appear correctly. Thanks!

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answered 2015-12-01 12:55:05 -0500

You can set up weekly stays, OR edit the price total to reflect the correct price. Weekly bookings means you get paid at the end of each week, a monthly booking you'd get paid at the end but would be easier to book.

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Thanks! With booking weekly stays though, would my client have to pay for each one separately? That's what I'm trying to avoid. She wants to pay once a month for M-F services, which is fine with me. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.

Kathy B.'s profile imageKathy B. ( 2015-12-01 14:08:26 -0500 )edit

She would have to pay separately. What I would do, is book the stay for the entire month, then add up the cost per walk x # of days and edit the total. Give customer support a call if you need any help! 888-453-7889

Amber C.'s profile imageAmber C. ( 2015-12-01 14:43:44 -0500 )edit

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