Is there any way to search for people who need a sitter in your area?

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I'm new to Rover, and I can't seem to get this question answered: How do I get my first client? It seems if the only way to get a sitting gig is to have already had a sitting gig, this website won't work for me until someone randomly finds me...and that may take a while. I am on Sitter City for babysitting and there is a way to search for those in need of a sitter. Does Rover work the same way, or do I wait for someone to contact me?



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answered 2014-12-29 21:47:42 -0600

Once you have your profile set up, all you can really do is wait. There are a number of things to bring yourself up in the search rankings without already having sitting jobs, so just be sure you've touched all those bases.

PROFILE: Make sure it's filled out completely, and that you're very clear about what services you provide and what sets you apart from others. Upload high quality pictures of you, your home and yard, your pets, and anything else you want to highlight. I include pictures of places I frequently take my dogs and those I sit for - local parks, hikes, the beach, etc. Now that I've been doing this on Rover nearly a year, I've been able to add in a handful of stay photos to my profile photos to show what past dogs have been treated to, but you can do this with your friends' dogs as easily as client's.

TESTIMONIALS: You won't have reviews yet, but testimonials will help in much the same way. Get your friends and family to write these for you, especially if you've watched pets for them in the past. If you're really ambitious, you can have a friend book a stay with you through Rover (you can adjust the price as low as you want for them once a stay is requested) and once the stay is completed they'll be able to leave you a real review. I don't think this is necessary, but it won't hurt.

BADGES: The more badges you have, the better your search ranking. There are quite a few out there, so look through them to see what applies to you. If you ever donate to your local shelters or volunteer your time, there's a badge for that; if you donate a percentage of your earnings to a charity, there's one for that; you get another for completing a background check; there's yet another for completing a pet first aid course.

Then you just have to wait. For me, with a complete profile, a few badges, and a couple testimonials, I booked my first Rover client in about a month. Like any business, it will take quite a bit of time to build a solid client base. Good luck!

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Does it seriously take a month to get your first job?

Steven L.'s profile image Steven L.  ( 2020-01-22 11:16:50 -0600 ) edit
answered 2015-01-01 19:55:34 -0600

You can usually count on getting clients during holiday time. Most established sitters fill up early which helps the newcomers. Make sure you ask your first few clients for reviews. When I started I offered a $5.00 discount on their next stay if they left a review. If you find any clients on your own send them to Rover to book. Rover will take the 15%, but you will be covered by insurance and that is another review. It takes a little time, but after 2 years I am turning people away.

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answered 2014-12-29 17:22:49 -0600

Rover doesn't work that way. Owners find you through the search function and the various filters they may apply to it. However, you can use Rover's tools and incentives to market yourself on places like Craigslist. You should find the info on your Dashboard about creating codes that link to your profile and may give potential clients a certain amount off their first stay compliments of Rover.

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answered 2015-01-03 22:23:02 -0600

It took about 2 months to get our first 'gig'. After we got our first review it really took off. Luckily I work in the pet industry and my partner is a dog groomer so we helped spread the word. Also we invested in the business cards and post cards. I left post cards at our local dog park and took business cards to local pet stores so they could recommend me if anyone was looking for a sitter. We have been very busy in the last year since we started.

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