Are the Rover sitters bonded and licensed?

Hello, I want to know if your sitters are licensed, bonded, and insured? I want to have a sitter come into my home so I want to make sure that back ground checks have been done on these people as well as if they are bonded and insured? I just want to be extra safe having a stranger come into my home. Thank you.

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There are badges at the top of each persons profile that you look at which will tell you who has had a background check etc. All the sitters that sign up here do have a 24/7 emergency thing when we watch over owners pets. Refer to the links given by Jessica.


Hi Christine,

Here are some articles that will help you: - About sitters being licensed, bonded, and insured: - How to find a sitter with a background check:

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer experience team if you have any questions at [Edit: Rover’s contact options have changed. Visit the Rover Help Center at to find the phone number, help articles, or chat with the team].