Why can't we see reviews from other sitters?

asked 2021-11-20 16:01:07 -0600

I think this would be very helpful. I want to read the reviews of other sitters who have sat for the client. I have submitted somewhat negative reviews to Rover about some of the dogs I have dropped in on or house sat for.

I didn't go into much detail other than, 'well I told the owner about this and that.. maybe something could be done'

For me personally the worse were the dog house sits, which is why I don't do that anymore. I have been hired by people with too much stuff in their house, and their dogs suffer (or cats). I have stayed in some good homes, but the worst ones will haunt you.

I don't really know where I'm going with this - but I'd like to see other reviews from pet sitters who have looked in on the client. This would hopefully take care of the bad ones.

Also I think before Rover even allows clients have access to sitters they need to fill in their profile! I NEED to know even the basics which people don't bother providing.

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Yes! If we can get reviews, they should be able to as well! Similar thought, my response rating is going down because I keep needing to archive requests because people will reach out to me and then never reply. I should be able to review that, or they should have a score as well.

Katie R.'s profile image Katie R.  ( 2021-11-22 09:12:56 -0600 ) edit

Yes! This would be super helpful & also the pet bios. Also, the “pet notes” section isn’t available on the app. So if I need a key code, etc. from a past client, I have to scroll for miles or physically log onto site. For the record, I’ve never been able to find the “notes” part. Is it desktop only?

Sybil W.'s profile image Sybil W.  ( 2022-02-03 00:21:10 -0600 ) edit

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answered 2021-11-21 17:03:35 -0600

I agree completely about, as a sitter, being able to see other sitter's reviews of a potential client. I have a situation currently where a potential client (I dog sit in my home) is being insistent on seeing our house for the meet n greet. I don't do that, because 2 dogs that have never met shouldn't meet on home turf, for lack of a better way to say it. The potential client is also wanting me to take payment outside of Rover, because she doesn't want to pay the service fee?????? Yet, she's been a member of Rover for over 2 years? They didn't JUST start the service fees last week. So, I want to know if she's had other Rover sitters take care of her dog and what they thought of her and/or the dog.

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Trying to waive the service fee? No thank you. Not when it's in Rover's terms of service AND if you're not personally pet insured, you could be in some serious trouble if there were an issue.

Katie R.'s profile image Katie R.  ( 2021-11-22 09:11:20 -0600 ) edit

She found you via rover & is trying to take biz’ off platform to avoid the service fee: I’d advise you to Not have anything to do with this person. Probably more to it! Maybe her dog has a bad history, Or maybe it’s a trap ‘cause once you do that, be ready for rover to suspend,terminate your account

Deb A.'s profile image Deb A.  ( 2021-11-23 12:07:14 -0600 ) edit

If a potential client needed to see a house for legitimate reasons, such as ensuring that there’s nothing that would be a problem for their dog (I.e. Dog freak out at certain objects, etc) you could opt to share photos or video chat,with M&G outside the home. Red Flag: not pay svc.fee!

Deb A.'s profile image Deb A.  ( 2021-11-23 12:12:57 -0600 ) edit

To update, the owner did say she had a bad experience with a place she boarded her dog previously and since her dog was born with hip displasia, she wanted to see the house. I didn't have a problem with that, except she wasn't up front about that. As for the payment, I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT".

Jessica S.'s profile image Jessica S.  ( 2021-12-14 12:05:09 -0600 ) edit
answered 2021-11-23 06:37:50 -0600

The sitter community has asked for this since the inception of the Rover platform; it will never happen unfortunately

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Definitely agree. However, when sitting and boarding I always meet and greet at owners home first. If booking is 4+ days will speak with owner suggesting good idea for dog and I to go on short walk together prior to stay. As this eliminates any evident red flags w. dog owner may fail to mention.

Adam M.'s profile image Adam M.  ( 2021-11-28 23:51:44 -0600 ) edit

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